xBox vs Playstation

Take the quiz to find if the xBox Series X or PS5 is best for you

xBox vs Playstation


We use your answers and compare them to the features of the xBox Series X, and the Playstation 5. Once you have answered the quiz we will instantly tell you which one you should buy.

Which of the flagship games consoles is right for me? xBox Series X or Playstation 5

Probably one of our most requested quizzes. Looking at both the internal specs and games available we are able to tell you the best one for you to get. This quiz is here to find what is best for you the PlayStation 5 or the xBox Series X.

With similar pricing, similar specs, and similar styles of games, you might think it doesn’t matter which one you choose. However there are actually quite a few vital differences in consoles. So we have built this quiz to help distinguish between the two. From exclusive games, controller differences, and non game related features like video streaming, there are aspects that could make one console more preferable over the other.

We don’t ask any technical questions. You don’t need any prior knowledge, or to have previously owned one of the consoles. Noob or Pro it doesn’t matter. The quiz analyzes your answers and quickly tells you if you should get the XBOX Series X or the PS5.

Once you have answered this quiz we will take you to the console we recommend you to get.