Our mission: Inform to Reduce, Inform to Improve.

Inform to Reduce: we help you to make one purchase, the right purchase.

We aim to reduce returns and eliminate the false economy. We empower you, the consumer, by eliminating asymmetric information between buyers and sellers, ensuring you make a fully informed and correct choice. Our quizzes ask the right questions so that we correctly understand your needs. We compare those answers against the many considered products in our database and are able quickly to recommend the top three for you. Choices Choices is free for you to use. But we still aim to be a profitable company. On the recommendation pages, we provide shopping links. On some of these, we will be paid commission on your purchase. So, if our advice is good we get paid!

Inform to Improve: Your choices will help us understand consumers’ needs and keep us up to date with changing requirements.

Our servers receive anonymised data and, by analyzing simple choices, we are able to advise producers on key aspects of their products wanted by consumers which cannot be understood from purchasing statistics.