Wireless Headphones Quiz

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Wireless Headphones Quiz


We look at all the best available wireless headphones and compare them to your answers. Using our algorithm, product analysis, and price tracking we are able to instantly find the best wireless headphones for your needs.

Wireless headphones have been around for a while but they have now hit a bit of a boom period. Kicked of back in 2016 with the (among others) launch of the iPhone 7 with its lack of headphone jack. Apple’s brand power alone has the influence consumers listening habits. And steer established headphone brands to adapt to this new market. Other phone companies have followed suite by removing the headphone jack.

Removing the wire means you no longer will catch your headphones on door handles etc. I’m sure we can all cheer for that! That pesky wire that is always getting in the way can no longer be the reason your headphones break. Nor will they tangle into a monkeys fist when you are not looking. Good by wires, hello future.

While wireless headphones have many advantages it is important to touch on the downsides before going and buying one. The biggest one being the limitation in sound quality. This is because bluetooth packages up the sound files and send it over to your headphones to read. This is limited in the current version of bluetooth to protect battery life. Both in the device sending the sound and the headphones. This limitation is not too bad for the lower end priced headphones, and is only limited for the high end models. These high end models usually make it up with other features that still make the headphones desirable. Some wireless headphones do not have an option to plug in an aux cable. If you need to use devices without bluetooth then you need to make sure your wireless headphones have an aux option. This can also be a useful option when your headphones run out of battery. This leads me to the last down side for wireless headphones, and that is the battery life. Unlike wired headphones you need to remember to charge them regularly, yet another device. But if you can get over these issues the wireless headphones are a great choice. Take the quiz to find out the best one for you.