Take the quiz to find the Windows tablet you should buy:

Windows Tablet Quiz


Window's computers are changing, with interactive media and protability becoming key, the need for an always there keyboard is reducing. Many Window's laptops are now tablets with optional keyborads, so this is what the Windows tablet quiz focuses on, tablets that run Windows OS. Using your answers we compare them to our database of tablets to find the best tablet for your needs.

Which Windows tablet should I buy?

Answer a few questions and we will use these to decide exactly what Windows table will be perfect for you. There are many different Windows tablets available, so it is hard to know what is quite right for you. Using the quiz and expert knowledge to help you to find what windows tablet to get. Having looked at all the current tablets available and have only selected the best. We do this so that the tablet shown is great, and perfect for you.

The Microsoft Windows tablet is often chosen to replace your laptop as it runs on the same operating system. For that reason we include tablets that have detachable keyboards as well as those without keyboards.

Some of the brands of tablet we have included are: Microsoft, Huawei, Samsung, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo and a few others. We have looked at things including screen size, RAM, memory and battery life.

How does the Windows tablet comparison work?

For each answer you give, the algorithm narrows down the requirements for your Windows tablet. The quiz asks the right questions so that we can find the perfect Windows tablet for you.

Each month new Windows tablets come out, we keep the tablet quiz fresh and is update every month to add in the new tablets.

After answering the Windows tablet comparison quiz it will take you to the result page. The result page will show you what tablet you should get and its specifications. As well as this is a video review and a link to see other user reviews and its price.