Windows Tablet Quiz

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Windows Tablet Quiz


The demand for what is wanted in a Windows computer, with interactive media and portability becoming key, the need for an always present keyboard is reducing. The innovation and iterative improvements from manufacturers has resulted in slimmer devices, with better battery life, and little compromise to power.

Many Window's laptops are now tablets with optional keyboards, like some of Microsoft’s Surface lineup, so this is what our Windows tablet quiz focuses on, tablets that run Windows OS.

While we include some laptops with removable keyboards we don’t include 2 in 1 laptops where the keyboard folds back. For those devices see our laptop quizzes.

Using your answers we compare them to the Windows tablets we have included in the quiz to find the best tablet for your needs.

Which Windows tablet should I buy?

Maybe you are looking for a laptop replacement? Or perhaps you are wanting a portable Windows device to complement your desktop? Or maybe you just want a media device to watch films and browse social media? Whatever your requirements we are here to help!

Some Windows tablets are designed to be used as a simple tablet, and others focus more on productivity, with similar uses to a laptop. Rather than us focusing on RAM, processing power, storage, battery life, etc. in the quiz questions we ask you questions more about how you intend to use the tablet. That way we can work out what combination of specs, design, and build quality best fit your needs. Take the quiz and we will find what Windows tablet is best for you.

Windows tablet compatible accessories?

Windows tablets come with specific accessories to improve your productivity. How good these accessories are depends on what company makes the tablet you choose, and the model you go for.

Some windows tablets have keyboards that double up as screen covers, others are more sturdy, with a better typing experience, and perhaps an additional battery built in.

Most Windows tablets have a stylus built for the device, depending on which model you go for they can be stored in the device, magnetically attached, or just kept separate. They can vary greatly in how accurate they are, and what additional features they offer. Much also depends on your screen, a screen with a lower latency between it and the pen can result in a more realistic experience. This can be vital for graphic designers.

How you intend to use your device will effect our decision on how important these accessories are for you.

How does the Windows tablet comparison work?

Answer the questions and we will use your answers to decide exactly what Windows table will be perfect for you. There are many different Windows tablets available, so it is hard to know what is quite right for you. Having looked at all the current tablets available and have only selected the best for all price ranges. We do this so that the tablet we recommend is perfect for you.

For each answer you give, the algorithm narrows down the requirements for your Windows tablet.

Each month new Windows tablets come out, we keep the tablet quiz fresh and is update every month to add in the new tablets.