Windows Laptop Quiz

Take the quiz to find the Windows laptop you should buy

Windows Laptop Quiz


Windows laptops come in all shapes and sizes. Some flip over to become a tablet, others detach entirely from the keyboard. Some have a battery that last for days. We compare the best and latest Windows laptops to your answers. Using your answers to our questions we are able to instantly work out which Windows laptop is best for your needs.

Which Windows laptop should I buy?

To find out which is the best Windows laptop for you, we have put together this quiz. Once you answer the quiz, we will tell you which the best laptop for you. We have put together a comprehensive list of the best laptops available. The comparison quiz will take many different factors into account.

Buying a laptop can be difficult. There are hundreds of good laptops available. Many laptops have the same price, and similar specifications. The questions we ask allows us to work out exactly what you need and want. Looking at everything from screen size, weight, size, computing power, and battery life etc. we can work out which is best for you. We have already eliminated a lot of mediocre laptops from the quiz. So you only the best of the best given your budget and requirements.

How does the Windows laptop finder work?

Using our complex algorithm and simple interface, we will find you the perfect Windows laptop computer for you in a few easy steps. You provide answers to the questions and we take you to the laptop that is perfect for you. No technical knowledge is required. Our questions are based around how you will use the laptop. We will use those answers to work out the required specifications for you.

Many new laptops come out each month. So we keep the Windows comparison quiz up-to-date to make the quiz as useful as possible.

Our database has many windows laptop brands. In it are Asus, HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, LG, Microsoft and Samsung. (Plus a few more we add and remove over time). We have only selected the best of them in this comparison quiz.

Once you have answered the quiz, we (within a few seconds) process the answers and give you the best windows laptop for you. The result will have all the details necessary including a video review and specifications. We also include a link to find where to buy the product and see reviews.