Vacuum Cleaner Quiz

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Vacuum Cleaner Quiz


We compare your answers to best and latest vacuums available. Using expert opinions, price tracking, and our algorithm we analyze your answers to instantly recommend the vacuum you should get.

Which vacuum cleaner should I buy?

Finding the perfect vacuum cleaner for you is hard. First you have hundreds to choose from made by many brands. We have gone though them all so you don’t have to! To find out the best for your needs, all you need to do is answer our quiz.

What model of vacuum cleaner is best for me?

Vacuum cleaners can be grouped into 4 categories: Upright, Canister, Stick, and Handheld. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type. Sometimes the models cross over. Stick vacuums can also be handheld, as handheld often have long wands to use as a stick. Some upright models can be turned into a sort of canister vacuum by removing the motor from the base.

If you are not sure which type of vacuum is for you then don’t worry, we will work this out for you. Although if you have already narrowed it down to which type you would like, you can tell us in the quiz which one you want.

Cord or cordless?

The main reason to stick to the corded vacuum is the limitation of battery life in the cordless models. Most cordless models have a reasonable battery life, but this is to be taken with a pinch of salt. They are normally tested at low power with no mechanical head. So you need to knock that time down quite a bit. If you are going to just do regular small vacuums then a cordless model could be okay. But for most vacuuming it is still better to keep to the old fashioned corded models.

Vacuums for those with pets

There are many vacuums that focus on cleaning up after pets. This is because pets create quite a mess. And hair is quite hard for a conventional hover to deal with. Using specialised motorised rotator brushes they lift hair out of carpets. Some vacuums have special features to make the clean up easier, and to get to more specific dirt, like dirt embedded in furniture. Pet vacuums are often iterations of regular versions, but include some extra attachments.

Vacuums that are best for allergies

With each new vacuum that comes out there seems to be advancements in dust catching. And this is as it should be because with the development of the bagless vacuum dust catching got worse. It is harder to catch the dust with out a bag. But now this is improving it is possible to have bagless vacuums for those with allergies and asthma. Filters are used to keep small dust particles in. Usually these are HEPA filters which stands for high efficiency particulate air. It catches the particles down to a certain size depending on the vacuum.

How does the vacuum cleaner quiz work?

We have put into our quiz a hand picked selection of vacuums. Once you answer the seven multiple choice quiz questions we will take you to the product thats best for you. Our algorithm uses your answers to understand your specific need to find your recommendation. Brands include: Dyson, Hoover, Electrolux, Shark, Miele, Dirt Devil, and Black & Decker, and a few more. New products come out weekly. We make sure that we know what is coming out. After evaluating the new products we then update the quiz. So you will always have an accurate and up-to-date recommendation.

Once you have answered the Vacuum Cleaner Quiz we will take you to a results page.