TV Headphones Quiz

Take the quiz to find the best TV headphones for you

TV Headphones Quiz


Using your answers we compare them to the best available TV headphones. Using our algorithm, product rankings, and price tracking system we are able to instantly find the TV headphones you should buy.

Which TV headphones are best for me?

Headphones for television are, for distance reasons, wireless. And as there is no privacy issues in your own home, often use radio frequency (rf) to transmit the sound. This is the recommended way of listening. So to find the right tv headphones for you we have put together this quiz with the best models available.

Most tv headphones have the ability to use optical or analog inputs for sound. From the transmitter it will send the sound to the headphones. Some models will allow for multiple parings of headphones. You can often buy a second set of headphones without the transmitter.

As the headphones are wireless, battery life is important. Most tv headphones have a 10 hour – 25 hour battery life. We have excluded any headphones with too low a battery life. They would not be convenient to use if you have to recharge it often.

Some headphones come with a speech clarity option. This is particularly useful for those who struggle to hear what is being said in films, or if you are watching a program where talking is the main feature. The headphones have pre-programmed settings which shift the EQ. Some headphones also have other settings to adjust base and surround sound.

While many people want tv headphones, they are often required for different reasons. From not wanting to disturb others to having a cheap option for surround sound. It is important for us to find out how you plan on using these headphones, so that we can evaluate and eliminate the headphones. Take this short multiple choice quiz to find out what the best tv headphones are for you.