True Wireless Earbuds Quiz

Take the quiz to find out which true wireless earbuds are best for you:

True Wireless Earbuds Quiz


The range of true wireless earbuds available is becoming ever bigger. The technology needed to make wireless earbuds truly wireless has taken a while to come around, packing in so much into such a small space has proved tricky. But now many headphone brands have cracked it, all brining their own styles, uses, and unique features. This flood of good true wireless headphones into the market is only a good thing, however it can be hard to know what is best for your needs. That is where are quiz comes in. We have looked at all available true wireless earbuds, and added the best to our quiz database. By asking you the right questions we are able to find the true wireless headphones you should buy. Take the quiz to find which one is best for you.

Styles To Choose From

For such a small device it is surprising how unique some true wireless earbuds are. Looking at the range of earbuds we can see that their are three main shapes. Their is the stick based earbuds made popular from Apple's AirPods, these have directional microphones which offers a significant advantage for phone calls. There is the more spherical shaped style offering a somewhat cleaner style, but can stick out a bit more, and often does not provide such clear phone calls. The other style is a wrap around style where rather than relying on a silicone earbud to stay in your ear, it wraps around your ear.

Some are designed purely for sports, with more waterproofing and a rugged style. Others focus on a more smart style. What is best for you depends entirely on how you want to use the earbuds.

External Sound Manipulation

A key feature to over ear headphones has, for a long time now, been noise canceling. But now, with companies like Sony and Apple leading the way, noise canceling has come to true wireless earbuds. There are many earphones offering this feature, some better than others. We go through them all to find the best for their price range and quality. Another feature that takes advantage of the microphones needed for noise canceling is "ambient mode". This allows the outside sound to come in. If done well it can feel like you have no earbuds in. This feature can make outdoor activities like running safer, not shutting yourself off from surrounding noises. It also allows you to have conversations without needing to take your earphone out.

Mono Mode

When building true wireless earphones, manufactures have a choice on how much technology to pack in each earbud. Some opt to put only some elements in one of the earbuds meaning that their is one dominant earbud which can be used by itself but not vice versa. Others build them so you can use them in a "mono" mode, where you can listen and make calls with either earbud.

The amount of different features and styles can seem overwhelming, but not to worry, that is what we are here for. We find out how you are going to use the earbuds, compare them to all the true wireless earbuds that we think are worth buying, and find the best earbuds for your needs. Using your budget and requirements we hope to make the purchasing choice easier for you. Take the quiz to find the best true wireless earbuds for your needs.