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Tablet Quiz


There are many different reasons you may be buying a tablet, from using it as a computer alternative for work, to having it as your media watching device, and everything in-between. This quiz finds out how you will use the device, what devices you will be using along side it, and how much you are willing to spend on the device. Using this information we find out which tablet best suites you.

If you are looking for a particular operating system or a particular brand of tablet we allow you to specify this in the quiz. You can also find more niche tablet quizzes in the “Electronics - Tablets” section of our site.

We are constantly updating the quiz with new tablets and removing old and outdated ones. Using expert opinions, price tracking, and our algorithm we compare your answers to our database of tablets to find the best one for your needs.

Choosing an operating system

The first thing to deciding on the right tablet for you is to work out what operating system will suite you best. You may already have decided this, in which case you can just select it at the start of the quiz. But for those of you that have yet to decide, we can help you to work this out through answering questions in the quiz.

The three main operating systems available on tablets are Windows, iOS, and Android, there are also some Chrome OS tablets.

The market dominating tablet is and has always been Apple’s iPad, but that’s not to say that’s the only one people should get. Some other major brands provide some serious competition. Samsung have a whole host of tablets, from budget tablets offering great bang for your buck, to their high end range that can be the only computer you need. Microsoft’s Surface tablet range also offer some good features in a well built package. Amazon’s Fire tablets are a good consideration for those who want an affordable option form media consumption. There are also tablets from traditional computer manufactures like Asus, Acer, Lenovo, and HP.

You can either select the brands you are interested in, or let us decide on what one is best for your needs and budget.

Tablet as a laptop replacement

Replacing your laptop for a tablet is not a new idea, but it has always come at some compromises. However now this is not so much the case. There are many different styles of laptop replacement tablets, the features of a laptop you still require in you tablet is what will dictate what sort of tablet you should go for.

Some tablets are built to specifically replace a laptop with detachable keyboards, others offer the features you need to replace your laptop like powerful processing power for intense workloads and multitasking.

The beauty of a tablet over a laptop is that you don’t have to be stuck with a work device, detach the keyboard and you are still able to browse the net, play games, and watch films.

There is a growing trend of moving away from computers to tablets. This is because operating systems are catching up on where the demand is going. Windows tablets use the same operating system as their computer counterparts. Apple’s operating system for iPad has moved away from the pure iPhone operating system to something between that and a MacBook, allowing people to be able to use it as a laptop. Android tablets have remained their own device, but as the first to properly have keyboards they have always been able to operate as a laptop.

Tell us how you intend to use the tablet and we will find the tablet with the feature set you need.

Tablet for media consumption

A big use for tablets is to use it to game, watch videos, read articles, and browse social media. These all require different processing power and battery management, but they also require specific needs in screen quality. Gaming requires a decent processor and a good frame refresh rate. Watching videos focuses more on the screen type, pixel density, and dynamic range. Reading articles and social media can look better on screens that adjust to ambient light and color. All this is to say that there are many different elements to look at in a screen, not to mention speaker quality, battery life, and processing power. When selecting a tablet you will likely be making a compromise between all these and your budget. In the quiz we look at how you will be using the tablet to help us decide which features you will require.

Considering tablet accessories

When buying a tablet you should be aware of the available accessories that you can use with that device. Otherwise you might buy a tablet for drawing and find that there are no good styluses available for it.

A stylus has become a must have for many users, allowing you to sketch, take notes, and navigate the device. The technology in a stylus like Apple’s Pencil has come a long way, combined with screens with faster refresh rates allow you to feel like you are actually using pen and paper.

The other main accessory is the keyboard. When moving away from a laptop many users will miss being able to type on a physical keyboard. The first iteration of these keyboards was something of an afterthought. But now some of them have seriously upped their game. Some keyboards are used to turn the tablet into a laptop lookalike, these are often referred to as 2 in 1. Part laptop, mostly tablet. Others are built into the case, when not in use they can be used to cover the screen, or folded behind.

There are many features to look at when choosing a new tablet, and we think that the best way of finding out what suits you is to ask you about how you intend on using the tablet rather than asking you what specs you want in the tablet. That way from one question we can ascertain many features you may need. Combining these answers with your budget we are able to find out which tablet you should buy.