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We are constantly updating the quiz with new tablets and removing old and outdated ones. Using expert opinions, price tracking, and our algorithm we compare your answers to our database of tablets to find the best one for your needs.

Which tablet should I buy?

The first thing to deciding on the right tablet is to work out what operating system will suite you best. This can depend on how you are planning on using the tablet and other devices you own.

The three main operating systems available on tablets are Windows, iOS, and Android.

The brands that are in the quiz are: Apple iPad, Samsung, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Microsoft, Huawei, HP, Google Pixel, Amazon Fire. Other companies will also be added and removed in the quiz.

We have selected these tablets to be sure that you only get the best given your requirements. Your answered questions will tell us what is best for you.

There is a growing trend of tablets with optional keyboards. The first iteration of these keyboards was something of an afterthought. But now some of them have seriously upped their game. Now many of these tablets are able to replace your laptop. Windows tablets with a detachable keyboard are often referred to as 2 in 1. Part laptop, mostly tablet. Apple has also embraced the need for a keyboard for their more advanced tablets as an optional accessory.

Many people are now turning away from laptops and computers to tablets. This is because operating systems are catching up on where the demand is going. Windows tablets use the same operating system as their computer counterparts. Apple’s operating system for iPad has moved away from the pure iPhone operating system to something between that and a MacBook, allowing people to be able to use it as a laptop. Android tablets have remained their own device, but as the first to properly have keyboards they have always been able to operate as a laptop.