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Stand Mixer Quiz


In our quiz we have included the best stand mixers that you can buy for all budgets and requirements. Once you have answered the multiple choice quiz we instantly compare you answers to the stand mixers in our database to find the best one for your needs.

Below we have set out some elements of what we consider when finding the right stand mixer for you. 

Main Features Of Stand Mixers

A stand mixer, at a glance, is quite a basic small kitchen appliance. However once you start to look into the features you will begin to realise that there are many different features to consider before you can be sure you are buying the right one. From build quality to extra features that you might not expect a stand mixer to deal with, like sausage making.

The main two features to begin with are capacity and power. It is important to make sure you are buying a mixer that can take the amount to mixture you are wanting to use otherwise you will find yourself upgrading to a new one soon after. Similarly with the power if you get one that is underpowered for your needs you may well wear out the motor or gears.

Once you have decided on these elements there are still many more features to look at. We have taken every element into account and put it in the form of a quiz to save you time! Take the quiz to find out. We have explained below a few frequently asked questions about features of stand mixers.

What Are Planetary Mixers?

Generally planetary mixers are considered commercial mixers. However if you look at many consumer grade stand mixers you will see that they have a planetary mixing action. This is a movement of the mixer paddle / whisk where it moves around the bowl in one way while spinning the other way, resulting in a thorough mix. Many of the stand mixers in our quiz have this feature as it is an effective method.

Stand Mixer Power Hubs

Some stand mixers have power hubs. These are connector points on the mixer where other devices can be attached. It allows the machine to take advantage of the motor in the stand mixer making the attachment smaller and more affordable than if it was a stand alone kitchen device. From pasta makers to meat mincers there are many options to choose from. You may not want to get these attachments straight away but it is worth considering what you may want in the future to make sure your stand mixer will be comparable.

Direct Drive vs Belt Drive

There are a few key things to understand here. With regards to stand mixers direct drive mixers require the motor to directly move the mixer, where as belt drive mixers allow the motor to be located further way. The important thing to know however is that when looking at the power of the motor you will see that direct drive motors will be less powerful the the other motor. This does not mean that they are less powerful, it is just the direct drive motor is able to put all the power into to the mixing where as the belt drive motors will loose a lot of that power.

Plastic Gears?

People are rightly worried about plastic gears in stand mixers. When you buy a stand mixer you are investing quite a bit into it and you want it to last. It is likely you have relatives who have had theirs for many decades. So when you hear horror stories about gears melting or giving in after a short period of use you want to be sure about what you are buying.

Luckily most of the worry about this is overblown. Most reputable stand mixers do not have plastic gears. KitchenAids were rumoured to have plastic gears but this was not the case, they used to have a nylon gear which acted as a failsafe, it would bread before the motor would and would be cheap to replace.

Anyway in the quiz we have been sure not to add any poor quality stand mixers, so don't worry.

We have put together this quiz to help you find the perfect stand mixer for you. You do not need to know all the technical details about the product, we ask you how you intend on using the mixer and what you are looking for to help you find the best one to buy.