Sony Headphones Quiz

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Sony Headphones Quiz


We look at all Sony's available headphones and compare them to your answers to find the best headphones for your needs. The quiz does this automatically so you almost instantly get a recommendation.

In the past Sony’s headphone devision has been split. One end focusses on the high-end high-fidelity headphones. And the other on the mass production low cost headphones. In recent years there has been a cross over of the two. New and developing segments of the headphone world have shaken up what was a stagnate sector. This has given rise to far more options, so we have created this quiz to cut through the confusion.

Wireless Headphones

Thanks to Apple’s removal of the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, they have kickstarted the wireless headphones revolution. With this has come a whole new range of new headphones including from Sony. While bluetooth is not at the stage of being equal to wired in terms of sound quality it has now become a necessity for many. If you are willing to forgo the high quality sound you do gain the freedom of no wires.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling in the past has been Bose’s domain. Now Sony has upped its game. The Sony 1000xM4 for example has noise canceling that rivals the Bose 700, Bose’s flagship headphone. Noise canceling compromises the quality of the sound. This is because of the extra sound it has to produce to cancel out the outside sound. So you will only find it on the mid priced headphones, where the sound quality is good but not to the level that the high end headphones are. 

Whether you need noise cancelling is another matter. Overhear headphones provide quite a bit of sound insulation anyway.

Extra Bass Headphones

The Extra Bass models have specially tweaked drivers to blast out exceptionally low frequencies. With the rise of companies like Beats, other companies have realised there is demand for bass heavy headphones. 

Sony have created their XB brand to tackle this segment. These Sony Headphones offer exceptional bass at the sacrifice of a more balanced sound, so if you are into more bass heavy music then this line of headphones could be for you.

High End Headphones

The Sony ZX1 is their flagship, and they have sparred no expense. With drivers larger than the average ear and an extreme frequency range, you’ll not be disappointed. They come at quite the cost however.

Modular Improvements

Some of the Sony headphones range have detachable cables where the supplied cables can be changed for a high end model the “High Performance Balanced Audio Cable”. They optimise the sound by eliminating the interference that cheaper cables suffer from. Sony’s cable partner are Kimber Kable. Being able to upgrade your headphones without having to totally replace them is a great option if you don’t want to splash out all in one go.

As well as upgrading the cable, you can also get an amplifier. Usually associated with speaker setups, and often rather bulky, Sony have slimed them down to a portable size. This is useful because with powerful headphones, you are unlikely to get the full power driven in to them from a portable device like a smartphone. An amplifier will boost the capabilities of you high end headphones on the go.

Sports Headphones

Quite a few of the in-ear Sony headphones are specifically designed for sport. The earphones have been designed so that they stay fixed in your ears. As well as this the are often splash proof, making them useable while sweating, and allows you to pour water over your head on a hot day. Extra bass models are also available to give you a solid beat while running.

We have picked out 6 key features, but there are 30+ Sony headphones in the quiz, each with there own benefits. With this variety of choice comes confusion, and we are here to help. Take the Sony headphones quiz to find out which is best for you.