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Smart DoorBell Quiz


We compare your answers to our database of smart doorbells to find the best one for your specific requirements. Take the quiz and we will instantly tell you which one you should get.

Smart doorbells are a growing market, boosted with the rise of the Internet of Things and smart home ecosystems like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. These doorbells have many interesting features from security cameras built in, and two way talking, to motion sensing and even AI face recognition.

Whether you need all these features built in depends on how you plan on using the doorbell as well as your budget. We ask the right questions to find the best doorbell for you.

Finding the right doorbell for your smart home

If you have a smart home set up or you are considering setting one up, it is important to consider this when deciding on the best doorbell for you. Most smart doorbells are compatible with Amazon Alexa, but not all of them. Google Home and Apple HomeKit currently do not have many available. But there are also options to set the doorbell up with IFTTT and Stringify. While this sounds more limiting, and it is a bit, compatibility can be added over a software update and in the meantime all the best doorbell devices come with well built and feature packed apps that function through your Wi-Fi.

Cameras built into doorbells

For many, thinking about a smart doorbell, brings to mind a camera with a doorbell built in. And this is the case for many, most in fact. However that doesn't mean that you need one, just that by having a camera built in you can have access to many more features. We don't think that this is always necessary, but can be quite convenient. Particularly if you want to use it as a security camera.

Features including motion detection and night vision are often included in these devices, which can alert you to potential doorstep thieves.

Phone compatibility to your doorbell

Most smart doorbells connect to your phone via your Wi-Fi. By connecting to your phone you are able to use 2 way chat and view how is at the door. It is important to be sure that your phone and your households smartphones are compatible with the app and doorbell. Most are compatible with both Android and iOS phones.

Replacing your old doorbell

Each doorbell will be slightly different, and some are easier than others. Power to the doorbell will either come from the old doorbells wiring or from a built in battery.

Each company have written up instructions to setting up the doorbell and installing it into existing wiring.