Shark Vacuum Quiz

Take the quiz to find the best Shark vacuum for you

Shark Vacuum Quiz


Shark have quite the range of vacuums. From lift-away upright vacuums to cordless handheld models. Finding the best vacuum for you can be a tricky thing. Using our quiz we take away the effort of reading your way though reviews. We compare your answers to all the available Shark vacuums and instantly give you a result of the best 3 for you. 

Which Shark vacuum cleaner should I buy?

Choosing a vacuum is essentially a balance of compromises.

A more powerful vacuum will be noisier, but will clean tougher areas.

A cordless vacuum will run out of battery and will cost more, but a corded limits where you can use it. Cordless provides more convince as wires can get in the way. But the wired vacuums will not run out of charge.

Stick vacuums are convenient for small apartments and can get under furniture. Stick vacuums are lower in power and would be best for regular vacuuming of small spaces.

What are lift-away shark vacuums?

Some of Shark’s vacuums have a lift away feature where the motor and dust canister can be removed from the stick of the vacuum. Thus turning it from an upright into a carry-able canister vacuum. This is useful for vacuuming stairs as you can carry it along side you with less weight. You can also use it to be able to vacuum under furniture.

This is not a feature unique to Shark, but they have developed one of the best methods for doing this.

Which Shark vacuums are good for allergies?

Many of their vacuums come with HEPA filters. They fit into the vacuum and catch dust that would otherwise get thrown into the air. The fault of bagless vacuums in the past have been that they don’t catch the dust as effectively. This is no longer the case, most Shark vacuums have anti-allergy filters. These filters can be replaced, and some can be washed.

TruPet Shark vacuums, their features:

The TruePet vacuums are designed to pick up pet hair and the dust and dirt that that gets imbedded into furniture and rugs. These vacuums come with the same anti-allergy filters. As well as this they come with two mechanical brush heads that dig out pet har out of carpets.

What is DuoClean?

DuoClean is a mechanical head that many Shark vacuums come with. This vacuum head has two brushes built in. One designed for carpet that had bristles on it. They spin and pick up embedded dirt in carpets. The other brush is softer and bigger, it is good for hard floor as it stops bits from getting flung around. It also polishes the floor at the same time.

Extra Features:

There are so many different bits of innovation mixed into these vacuums. Some of the vacuum cleaners have “headlights” so that you can see dark areas. Other Shark vacuums have finger tip switches which allow you to change vacuum settings from the handle. So you don’t have to bend down to the vacuum. Allowing you to change modes on the go. Active glide technology is designed to allow you to swivel easily around furniture.

To decide which is best for you we have put together this comparison quiz. Answer the quiz to find out which Shark vacuum is best for your needs.

How does the Shark vacuum comparison quiz work?

This quiz is a multiple choice question quiz, which once answered will tell you what vacuum to buy. The 3 minute quiz will find out what sort of environment you will be using it in, what your cleaning habbits are like, and make sure it is within your budget.

The algorithm will analyse your answers and within a few seconds of processing will tell you the vacuum that is best for you. Take the Shark Vacuum Comparison to find the one that you should buy.