Samsung SoundBar Quiz

Take the quiz to find which Samsung soundbar is best for your needs

Samsung SoundBar Quiz


Using your answers we will instantly compare them to all Samsung's available soundbars to find out which Samsung soundbar you should buy. 

What Samsung soundbar to buy?

So you have decided that a Samsung soundbar is best for you. But this is just the start as you now need to know what size sound bar you need. As well as this you need to connect the bar to your tv in the best possible way. This could be for simplicity or for quality, but the important thing is that your tv and soundbar work well together.

Best soundbar for my Samsung TV?

There are a great many soundbars available and you do not need to have a Samsung SoundBar to work for your Samsung tv. If you are not sure on what sound bar you would like you can take our SoundBar Quiz which includes many other brands. If you are going for a Samsung soundbar then it is more likely to fit and be compatible, so it could be a good option for simplicity and aesthetics sake.

How to make sure the Samsung soundbar will fit my TV

The best way to do this is to know how long your TV is and make sure that the soundbar length doesn’t exceed this. This quiz makes sure that it should fit, but you need to know the size of your television.

Placement of the soundbar

Knowing where you are putting the Samsung soundbar is important as this will help dictate which speaker will be best for you. Most Samsung soundbars are wall mountable. Not all of them will fit under your tv as they may block your view. Some have upward firing speakers so placing them in a shelf could be an issue.

Samsung soundbar for my 4K TV

If you have 4k or UHD tv then it is important that you have the best possible sound to match the quality of the image. These modern televisions are often quite slim, and the maker expects/encourages a soundbar to have good sound. To get the best sound quality out of your tv you need to use HDMI 2.0 and above. Essentially it needs to be 4K compatible. The passthrough means that the sound quality is at its maximum and being 4K compatible it ensures that you don’t miss out on image quality.

How does the Samsung soundbar quiz work?

We use your answers to this quiz to automatically find the best Samsung soundbar for your needs. Answering this multiple choice quiz gives us all the information we need to give you the best advice.

Take the quiz to instantly find out the best soundbar for you.