Samsung Phone Quiz

Take the quiz to find out which Samsung phone is best for you:

Samsung Phone Quiz


We compare your answers to all Samsung's phones to find the best one for you. By asking you the right questions we can compare your requirements to each Samsung phone to find the one you should buy.

The Range Of Galaxy Phones

There are currently four different ranges of Samsung Phones, these are the Galaxy Z, S, Note, and A. The Galaxy J phone line has been discontinued.

The Galaxy Z range are Samsung's folding phones, currently there are two styles of folding phones from Samsung one that flips up vertically (Galaxy Flex), and the other that folds open horizontally (Galaxy Fold). The Flex opens up to a regular sized phone, and the Fold opens up to reveal a small tablet sized screen.

The Galaxy S range are Samsung's flagship phone range and variations on the flagship. The 2021 flagship range are the Galaxy S21 phones, with variations being the S21 Ultra, and S21+. There are also last years range of Galaxy S10 phones which are now more affordable and worth considering.

The Galaxy Note phones are typically Samsung's lager phones designed for high productivity, with a bigger screen, larger battery life, and a built in stylus.

The Galaxy A range are the mid range to budget phones. With less of a luxury experience these phones compromise on some features to make them more affordable.

What Samsung Phone Is For You?

We think there are enough options of phones from Samsung to find at least one that will be well suited to your needs. Some of the key features to look at are screen size and quality, battery life, build quality, and camera features. There are also other distinguishing features from the selfie camera being built into the screen, pops up, or in a notch in the screen. Phone cameras are getting quite impressive, even the budget phones come with a reasonable camera, many of the newer phones come with multiple different cameras built in, from wide angle to periscope optical zoom lenses. We think that a good camera is almost essential to most users, so we have dedicated a portion of the quiz to fully understand your photography needs.

In this quiz we ask quite a few questions, but only ones that are essential to understanding your needs in the Samsung phone. Once you have taken the quiz we show you the best Galaxy phone for your budget and needs. As well as this result we may also show you a more expensive option and a cheaper option so that you can select something different if you wish. Take the quiz to find out which Samsung Galaxy phone is best for you.