Portable Speaker Quiz

Take the quiz to find which portable speaker is best for you:

Portable Speaker Quiz


Ranging from the rugged outdoors bluetooth speakers to the more elegant indoor speakers designed to be carried room to room. We have looked at them all and compiled the best into our database. Using your answers we are able to instantly work out the best portable speaker for your needs.

Which portable speaker is best for me?

Whether you’re looking for yourself, or a gift, finding the best portable speaker is not easy. With so many brands and even more models – it’s easy to get befuddled on your hunt for a new portable speaker. If you’re wondering “Which portable speaker to buy?”, this quiz is for you.

The wireless speaker finder has 2 minutes multiple-choice questions. Once you have completed the quiz – it’ll take about a minute. The recommendation algorithm will suggest the best portable speaker for your needs.

Looking to give the speaker as a gift, not for yourself? Don’t worry, just answer the quiz with what you think are the most likely answers. The quiz will still work just as well.

How does the portable speaker finder work?

With so many available speakers, all with slightly different features, it can be hard to tell which one will be best for your needs.  We ask simple questions to find out the essential things we need to know about you. When you complete the quiz, your answers will narrow down the results and take you to the best speaker for you.

We’ve categorised many portable speakers in our index. Our finder quiz will allow you to filter down to the most relevant choice according to the features you require. For example, if you’re a traveler, you might be better off with a more rugged speaker with a great battery life, so our quiz will recommend speakers which are optimised for this environment. If you’re an audiophile, you might be less fussed about features like a speakerphone, so we’ve got questions for that too.

We’ve spent many hours examining the key features which distinguish the portable speakers from each other, so if you’re not sure whether you want a Bose, Beats, Jawbone or Logitech speaker, our quiz will determine which features you’ll need, and recommend the single best match we can find.