Pet Vacuum Quiz

Take the quiz to find the best vacuum for you, your home and your pets:

Pet Vacuum Quiz


There are many pet vacuums out there. Deciding on which pet vacuum is the most appropriate for your needs can be a bit of a chore. Most pet vacuums are labeled as pet vacuums but with slight differences in names from brand to brand. Dyson calls them Animal and Shark calls them TruePet. Most others call them pet or cat and dog vacuums.

What features do pet vacuums have?

Most pet vacuums have a main tool that has a rotator brush with bristles. These bristles dig up the hair from the carpet and furniture. It can also be used for digging up mud that has been trodden in. Hard floor brushes can also be attached to pickup hard to vacuum, as well as get dirt, dried on to the floor, off.

What anti-allergy and asthma features do pet vacuums have?

Some of the vacuums have HEPA filters or equivalent that catch particles as low as 0.1 microns. Although this varies between vacuums.

In this quiz we have both bagged and bagless vacuums. Both offer vacuums that can catch most dust, but the bagged vacuums can catch nearly everything. But the bagless are almost as good.

How does the pet vacuum comparison quiz work?

The pet vacuum comparison quiz should take around 3 minutes to answer all the questions. Answering these will allow us to instantly work out what what pet vacuum is best for you.

Take the quiz and we will tell you which vacuum you should buy.