Over Ear Headphones Quiz

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Over Ear Headphones Quiz


Using your answers to our questions we instantly work out the over ear headphones that best fit your needs. Using expert opinions, price tracking, and our algorithm we will find the headphones that you should buy.

How to know which over ear headphones are best for you.

There are many over ear headphones, so it is tough to know which is the best for your use. That is why we have created this quiz. By asking the right questions we can precisely find out what you need in a set of headphones. We hand select the headphones, adding and removing them to keep the quiz up to date. Combining this with our price tracking and quiz algorithm we ensure that you are not only getting recommended the perfect headphones for you, but also ones that are a good value for your money. 

Features to decide on.

Modern over-ear headphones have not changed greatly in style over the years. But the internal features to these headphones have.

Noise canceling is an ever improving sector to this style of headphone. Initially a market dominated by Bose, there are now many companies that compete at the top level of noise canceling. So whether you are looking to cover up the noise of a jet engine, or just wanting to quieten the sound of your office, noise cancelling will allow you to do this without having to turn up your music to deafening levels.

Many headphones have gone wireless. To keep up with devices that no longer allow the headphone jack, and allow you more freedom. This innovation has many benefits, but also a few down sides. Sound quality is reduced due to bluetooth chip makers not being able to make an efficient enough chip, so for the best sound quality the old fashioned wire is the way to go. The other issue to wireless is the relyance on batteries. Sooner or later you'll find you want to use your headphones but can't as you have forgotten to charge them. Many headphones come with a wired option, so this may not be that big of a deal, and some headphones even offer fast charging allowing you to get some hours out of a few mins charging. 

Take the over ear headphones quiz to find out which headphones are best for you.