Over Ear Headphones Quiz

Take the quiz to find the best over ear headphones for you

Over Ear Headphones Quiz


Finding the best over-ear headphones can be an exciting endeavor if you have an understanding of what to look for. Over-ear headphones typically offer superior sound quality, with better bass response, and noise isolation. They are designed to completely encompass the ears, providing comfort for long listening sessions. Many models offer either passive noise isolation or active noise cancellation, blocking out ambient noise. Generally, over-ear models are sturdier and made with higher quality materials, and many high-end over-ear headphones come with EQ adjustments and sound profile settings to tailor the listening experience. Using your answers to our questions we instantly work out the over ear headphones that best fit your needs. Using expert opinions, price tracking, and our algorithm we will find the headphones that you should buy.

There are many over ear headphones, so it is tough to know which is the best for your use. That is why we have created this quiz. By asking the right questions we can precisely find out what you need in a set of headphones. We hand select the headphones, adding and removing them to keep the quiz up to date. Combining this with our price tracking and quiz algorithm we ensure that you are not only getting recommended the perfect headphones for you, but also ones that are a good value for your money. 

When looking for over-ear headphones, several key features can guide your decision. Consider the sound signature, whether you prefer bass-heavy, neutral, or treble-focused sound. Decide between wired or wireless connectivity, and if choosing wireless, consider the battery life. Evaluate the importance of active noise cancellation for your usage scenario, and assess the materials, foldable design, and overall build quality for durability and comfort. Weight, compatibility with your devices, and additional features such as touch controls, app integration, and customizable sound profiles are also crucial to consider.

Your budget can have a significant influence on the quality and features of the headphones you can afford. Lower budgets are more suitable for casual listening but may lack features like active noise cancellation. Mid range normally offer a balance of quality sound, comfort, and additional features like noise cancellation. A higher budget allows you to enter the premium range with top-tier sound quality, comfort, and advanced features.

Take the over ear headphones quiz to find out which headphones are best for you.