On-Ear Headphones Quiz

Take the quiz to find the best on-ear headphones for you

On-Ear Headphones Quiz


We compare your answers to the best available on ear headphones to find which ones are ideal for your needs. Our algorithm combined with a hand curated list of the best products and price tracking allows us to give you the perfect product advice.

Finding the best on ear headphones.

With all the available headphones it can be hard to make a decision on what the best on ear headphones are. And even if you know which ones are considered best, are they best for you? This is where our quiz comes in. We have already looked at the best available headphones, added them to our database and keep it constantly up to date by adding new products and removing outdated headphones. 

Using our ranking system, price tracking, and question algorithm we are able to work out quite quickly which are the best on ear headphones for your particular needs.