NutriBullet Blender Quiz

Take the quiz to find which NutriBullet you should buy

NutriBullet Blender Quiz


We compare your answers to all the available NutriBullet blenders to find the best blender for your needs. Take the quiz to find out. It's that simple. 

Which NutriBullet should I buy?

If you are not sure which NutriBullet would be best for your needs then you have come to the right place. This quiz will ask you questions to determine your requirements in the blender. From the occasional smoothie, a post gym protein boost or for making soup. We will work out the best blender perfect for your needs.

How powerful a NutriBullet do I need?

NutriBullet models vary in power, it is important to focus on the power as many other features are quite similar. So why go for a more powerful one? Well, simply, it is more capable! So if you are going to be giving your blender a tough time, then maybe you should spend the bit extra on a higher wattage. If you are going to just be making simple smoothies with softer ingredients then you could save your money. But if you plan on chopping ice, nuts and other hard foods then a higher power could be preferable.

How does the NutriBullet comparison quiz work?

We ask you quite a few multiple choice questions. Once you have answered them we will take you to your personalised results page. The quiz will only a few minutes.