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Nespresso Machine Quiz


We have all the available espresso machines that are designed to take Nespresso's coffee capsules in our quiz database. Just take the quiz and we will find the Nespresso machine that is ideal for your needs.

So what is the best Nespresso coffee machine for me? There are currently over 20 different Nespresso coffee machines on the market. Knowing what the best coffee machine is can be quite a task. But not to worry, that’s what we are here for. Knowing which the best machine is easy, but knowing which one is best for you is harder. Sure you could buy the most expensive, but you might be better off with one without some of the extra features.

We have built this quiz to take all this uncertainty away. All you need to do is go through the multiple choice questions. And we will almost instantly tell you which Nespresso machine you should buy.

There are three main brands that make official machines for Nespresso. Nespresso themselves, De’Longhi and Breville. They all have affordable models and ones that are at the high end, with features similar to good espresso machines. Nespresso have opted to have more than one company officially making their machines. This has allowed them to create competition and as such the machines that are available are very competitively priced. So no matter your budget you should be able to find a decent option.

Working out which model Nespresso machine you should get probably shouldn’t be down to brand as they both have a good reputation. Focus more on features that suit you.

Nespresso machines vary in their milk preparation capabilities, which can significantly influence your coffee experience. Some models come equipped with a traditional steam wand, offering barista-like control over the frothing process for those who enjoy a hands-on approach. Other machines feature a built-in milk reservoir that automatically steams and froths milk at the touch of a button, providing a convenient, fuss-free method for creamy lattes and cappuccinos. For machines without built-in milk frothers, Nespresso offers a standalone milk frother known as the Aeroccino. Compact and easy to use, the Aeroccino froths milk to your desired consistency, complementing machines without integrated frothers. This range of options accommodates diverse preferences, ensuring everyone can craft their perfect milk-based coffee beverages.

VertuoLine or OriginalLine, which should you choose?

VertuoLine, while pricier per pod with fewer coffee varieties, offers unique advantages. It utilizes centrifusion extraction, enabling longer coffee servings beyond espressos. Notably, VertuoLine's barcode technology optimizes brewing for each capsule, ensuring a perfect cup every time.

Moreover, its capsules vary in size to cater to different coffee types, from espresso to alto, offering a diverse range of brew sizes. Some coffee enthusiasts prefer VertuoLine's creamier and richer brew, courtesy of its unique brewing technology.

However, VertuoLine pod availability is more limited, being proprietary to Nespresso. The OriginalLine accepts a broader range of third-party pods.

Off-brand pods can be an attractive choice for those who crave a different taste profile or aim to save some money. While the convenience of a pod-based coffee machine is largely retained, there are a few compromises to bear in mind.

Firstly, some off-brand pods are made of plastic, which can potentially impact the flavor and freshness of your coffee. Moreover, plastic pods are less eco-friendly as they are not always recyclable. However, it's worth noting that an increasing number of off-brand companies are now offering compostable or recyclable pods as more sustainable alternatives.

A particularly enticing aspect of exploring off-brand pods is that many reputable roasters have introduced pod versions of their beans. This means you can enjoy brewing their exceptional coffee at home, often lending support to local or small businesses in the process.

In terms of compatibility, off-brand pods are typically designed to work with OriginalLine machines, which are engineered for brewing espresso or espresso-based drinks. This is due to the fact that Nespresso's VertuoLine system is protected by patents. So, if your preference leans towards off-brand pods, you'll want to opt for a Nespresso machine compatible with OriginalLine pods.

While off-brand pods can be a more cost-effective option, prices can fluctuate depending on the brand. Some specialty roasters, for instance, may charge higher prices than standard Nespresso pods.

The best Nespresso machine for you boils down to your personal preferences and needs. Whether you favor the diversity and sophisticated brewing process of the VertuoLine, the versatility and wider third-party support of the OriginalLine, or the richness and uniqueness of off-brand pods, there's a machine out there tailored for you. Our quiz eliminates the guesswork, helping you make a confident, well-informed choice.