Mirrorless Camera Quiz

Take the quiz to find what mirrorless camera you should get

Mirrorless Camera Quiz


Mirrorless cameras are quickly becoming the camera of choice, not only for hobby photographers but also professionals. So it's not surprising that the number of cameras each company is bring out has exploded. From compact mirrorless cameras, and retro styled cameras, to DSLR replacement full frame cameras. To find the best mirrorless camera for you take our multiple choice quiz.

Who makes mirrorless cameras?

Mirrorless cameras was once a niche sector of the camera market, dominated by Sony. However that is no longer the case. Canon and Nikon have crashed the party. There are a wide range of cameras from all 3 companies as well as a few others like Panasonic Lumix, FujiFilm, and Olympus. This boom in the sector is great for us as consumers as there will be a camera or two that suites everyones needs and budget. Take the quiz and we will find which mirrorless camera best suites you.

Mirrorless camera to replace my DSLR

Now is the time to move away from digital SLR's. Mirrorless is finally worth the swap. There have been many factors holding back the mirrorless sector, but over time they have steadily been improving elements. Professional level lenses are being made for cameras with full frame sensors and high quality viewfinders. We think if you are considering taking the plunge into the mirrorless range then go for it! The downside is that if you already own lenses from your DSLR, it is likely that you will need to get an adaptor so that they can fit the body, however most companies make these adaptors and they work with little compromise.

In this quiz we have included all the mirrorless cameras we think are worth buying. Using our expert knowledge and harnessing the power of our algorithms and price tracking technology we will endeavour to find the perfect mirrorless camera for your needs.