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Mattress Quiz


We compare the best mattresses available to your answers to find the mattress you should get.

How do you choose a mattress?

When selecting a mattress it is important to remember that you spend one third or your life in it. So it is imperative to select the one that is best for you. This quiz will go through all the important selections you need to make to find the perfect mattress for you.

Material choice is important. The main support is often spring or memory foam. But there is also gel or latex for greater support. The latex is also hypoallergenic. Some materials also provide cooling which is often from the latex, although some beds use wicking properties.

Are you a side sleeper? This often means you can enjoy a softer mattress, as the pressure on your spine is already relieved. Sleep on you back? You need to take more pressure off you spine, so a firmer mattress (but not too firm) would suit you better. Sleep on your front? A Firm bed will stop you getting lower back pain.

Ordering a mattress online

This is a task that you, until recently, could only do in a store. A task which limited you to the ones in store at a much higher cost. But now it is better than ever to order online.

Ordering online has some advantages. Most mattresses have a trial period, which is on average roughly 100 days. Within this time you can return it for your money back. You can now take advantage of cheaper online prices. No longer do you have to organise getting the mattress home, most get shipped to you in a compacted box.

How the mattress selector quiz works

We use your answers and compare them with our database of hand selected mattresses. Within half a minute the quiz will calculate what the best will be for you.

To make sure you get the best result, adjust the budget slider to your desired maximum budget.