Take the quiz to find the MacBook you should buy

Macbook Quiz


We look at all the latest Apple MacBooks and compare them to your answers to find out which MacBook is best for your needs. 

Which MacBook should I buy?

The quiz, which you can start above, will ask you about the way you want to use your laptop. Using this we will find the perfect MacBook for you. We provide you with a short multiple choice quiz, and use your answers to work out which type of MacBook you need.

This comparison quiz will help you to decide on many factors including if you should get a Air or Pro. We want to make sure that you get what is right for you. The questions asked will help us determine the different internal and external factors. From this we will find which MacBook you should buy.

There are currently only different versions of MacBook: the clamshell shaped MacBook Air, and the more powerful Pro. The pro model comes in a 16 inch and a 13 inch models. The 13 inch model comes with or without a touchbar while the MacBook Pro 16 inch has the touchbar.

Size of the screen is important as it will effect how you use the laptop. Screen sizes available are: 13 and 16 inches. We look at many other factors as well including: size, price, power, portability and battery life.

How does the MacBook finder work?

The database has all the latest MacBooks. Combining this with out algorithm, which sifts through the database to find the best one from your answers. Our quiz works out which Apple laptop is best suited to your needs. The quiz is regularly updated to make sure that only the most up to date models are in the comparison quiz.  

We ask you around 3 minutes worth of questions. We ask enough questions to get an accurate result tailored to your unique needs. The results page that we take you to after answering the questions will show what MacBook we recommend for you.