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Laptop Quiz


There are many hundreds of good computers but only a few that will be great for you. It can seem impossible to find what is best for you without expert knowledge, but don’t worry, thats where we come in. We compare your answers to our ever growing list of latest and greatest laptops to find the best laptop for your needs. Using your answers, our quiz algorithm and price tracking we will find the best laptop for you.

Which laptop should I buy?

All you need to do is answer the finder quiz to find what laptop is best for you. We will take into account many factors in deciding what computer you should buy.

The quiz both allows you to point out features you require, as well as allows us to find out what features you need without any technical knowledge required on your end. We will help you to decide on laptop screen size, RAM amount, graphics requirements, battery life, to list a few.

Each laptop in our quiz database has been handpicked by us. We do this to be sure that you only get the best laptop given your requirements. Answer the quiz to find out which laptop you should buy.

Finding the best operating system for you

A key aspect in deciding which laptop you should buy it knowing what operating system you would like the laptop to run. All the laptops we recommend have a specific operating system preinstalled. The operating systems we look at are Windows, Apple MacOS, and ChromeOS.

You can install a new operating system yourself, but that is a step too far for this quiz, and if you are comfortable doing so then you are probably not the target audience for this quiz.

If you already know the operating system you would like, then either select the one you would like in the first few questions of the quiz or take a specific quiz, like the MacBook quiz, by navigating through our website.

For those of you who have yet to decide, or are considering a couple of operating systems, then we can help you to decide by asking you questions around how you intend on using the laptop.

Best laptops for working on

The way we work has changed. No longer do we just use a desktop in an office and leave it all there. Many of us are now working from home for at least a part of the week. There is no one case fits all when it comes to how you use your laptop for work. Some of you will be looking for a laptop you can commute with, others a laptop you can write a whole novel with in a coffee shop.

A bigger screen could be critical for some, but for others you may be using an external monitor regularly and are looking for something a bit more compact. Perhaps you want it partly for work and partly for personal use. Some of these aspects may get missed on a typical blog, that’s why we created this multiple choice quiz. We can find out far more around how you will be working with the laptop. We work out what your requirements are in the laptop to find the best one for you to work with.

Laptops for studying

For some this may be have similar requirements as a working laptop, but we think there are a few key distinctions that are worth working out. For students a power source may be hard to come across while in class all day, so an efficient laptop with a decent battery life could be crucial. For others you may need it less for note taking and more for computer science, where crunching numbers could require some hefty processing power. These are just a few use cases. By answering our quiz you tell us what you’ll be using it for and we can help you find the best suited laptop for your budget.

Brands of laptops

We don’t recommend any off-brand laptops. By that we mean laptops built by unheard of brands, or brands that are just pasted onto a generic laptop. We do this as one of our core values is to reduce waste from purchasing of poor quality products. By focusing on companies with a reputation we ensure that you will get a laptop that should last. Some of the brands we recommend are: Acer, Asus, Apple, Dell, HP, LG, Lenovo, Microsoft, Samsung, and a few more. These companies have a reputation for build quality and offer many laptops in a wide range of specs and budgets. If you are looking for a specific brand or want to compare a few we allow you to do so in the quiz.

So which laptop should I get?

Well that depends on your answers to our questions. Answer the quiz which we have developed to give you the perfect laptop for your needs. Forget about a laptop buying blog/guide, this quiz will match you with the laptop that best fits your specific use case.

We look at practically every computer that comes out, only the best are added so no matter what laptop you need it will be good.

The multiple choice questions will decide on what specifications you need on your laptop. With so many computers coming out each week, it is important to keep the quiz up to date. That is what we do so that you are always shown the most current laptops on the market. Take the laptop quiz to find out which laptop you should buy.