Kenwood Stand Mixer Quiz

Take the Kenwood quiz to find the best stand mixer for you:

Kenwood Stand Mixer Quiz


We have compared all Kenwood's stand mixers to understand the differences between each mixers. We use your answers to find out which mixer best suites your needs and budget.

Types of Kenwood Stand Mixers

There are 3 main types of Kenwood mixers, the Chef, the kMix and the Prospero. The Chef come in quite a few models, varying in power and size, this range is aimed towards the more advanced user. The kMix is a stylish model with a small footprint, it is a good allrounder. The Prospero is the budget model, however is still a reliable model, and could be ideal someone looking to take the step into creative cooking.

Kenwood Attachments

Many brands have adapted their stand mixers to have attachments to take advantage of the powerful motor that the mixers have. This reduces the cost for the additional kitchen appliances, and takes up less space in your kitchen. The three different brands the Kenwood make have a varying amount of attachments available. From pasta makers and mincers to ice cream makers. In the quiz you can select the additional things you want to make and we will do our best to match it to the stand mixer with the right attachments available.

There is quite a range of Kenwood mixers, all with slightly different features. We have built this quiz to help you decide with one will best suite your needs. We hope you find it useful.