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Instant Camera Quiz


We compare the best instant cameras to your needs and budget to instantly find the best instant camera for you. 

Which instant camera is best for me?

Instant cameras are back in fashion, but you know. this as you are planning on buying one. From almost being obsolete a decade ago, instant cameras are now booming. There are a flight of new products for sale now. With upgrades and new cameras regularly appearing. Fuji-film being the main company fuelling the revival. Even Leica have created one.

The concept and processing of instant photos has stayed the same. The technology however has notably improved. The ability to produce good quality lenses at a low cost has vastly developed. And this is essential for the concept of an affordable instant camera. They should be well priced, as they are rarely your main camera. Particularly with a mobile phone in your pocket.

With the dawn of smartphones and the every improving picture quality, photos are inevitably hidden away. Instant cameras gives a permanence in photography that digital forgets. An instant print requires a few more seconds of consideration, to find that one image to sum it all up. This can give you a more meaningful summary of an event.

The now ‘traditional’ square shape might not be the most convenient thing in the world. But it makes it recognisable. You can also get different sizes but none are pocket sized, due to the film and other bulky components.

While having printed photos is a modern day novelty, the forgotten part is that it is not free. All the cameras require photo packs that slot into the instant camera. Some are more expensive than others.

The instant cameras in this multiple choice comparison quiz are the best we can find with regards to their price and features. Take the quiz to find the best instant camera for you.