In-Ear Headphones Quiz

Take the quiz to find the in ear headphones you should buy:

In-Ear Headphones Quiz


We compare your answers to our database of in-ear headphones to instantly find the best earphones for your needs. Wireless, truley wireless, sweatproof, noise canceling, we have looked at the lot. Take the quiz to find which headphones are best for you.

Deciding on the best in-ear headphones for you.

In-ear headphones are booming at the moment. Initially earphones were just simple in-ear wired devices that competed almost entirely on price and quality. However now there are endless categories to look at, from sports headphones, to noise canceling, to truly wireless. One of the main factors for this change is the advancement in technology of bluetooth chips. Now headphones can be wireless but not be too bulky as batteries and electrical components can be crammed onto the wire of you earphones. So finding the perfect headphones for you can be quite a nightmare sifting through all the mediocre headphones to find a good one and then deciding if it is right for you. That is why we have built this quiz to help you make a purchasing decision.

Just take the quiz and we will do the leg work. Using your answers we compare them against our hand selected headphones instantly using a mix of our quiz algorithm and price tracking, to find the perfect in-ear headphones for you.