HP Laptop Quiz

Take the quiz to find out which HP laptop is best for you

HP Laptop Quiz


In this quiz we have included the best available laptops made by HP. We use your answers to find the best HP laptop for your needs.

HP Laptop Range

HP make laptops for two operating systems, Windows, and Chrome. HP's chrome laptops are low powered, long battery life laptops offering a great load of features for those looking for a laptop for note taking, web browsing and the occasional movie watching. Some of the Chromebook laptops are convertible, allowing you to fold the keyboard back and use the device as a tablet, as well as prop the screen up to watch a videos.

HP's Windows laptops are broken down into a few category names. Each name signifies a different style and target user.

The HP Stream laptops are the lowest power, most affordable laptops, these are aimed towards first time laptop buyers, and young school students. It has similar features to Chromebook laptops, but is built for those people who want a windows laptop. They should really only be used for the lightest of work like web browsing and writing documents.

HP's Pavilion range come in all sizes and power. They are their mid range laptops, with decent power and features, but lacking a bit in build quality and build size. A practical laptop that suits users who don't need the flashiest device, and don't mind carrying around a fairly weighty laptop. These laptops provide good value for money.

Then there are the HP Envy laptops, the more premium range. Indicated from the stylish HP logo, this is the range that focuses on style as much as power. These laptops are slimmer and easier to carry around.

HP also makes a few gaming laptops, one in the Pavilion range, which is a well priced subtly styled laptop. The other gaming laptops are under the Omen brand.

There are a few more categories we have not gone into like the Spectre, Elitebook, Probook, and Dragonfly. Some of these will be in the quiz, our quiz is updated regularly to keep up with availability.

Whether you know what type of laptop you are interested in or not HP have one that will suite most users. Take the HP laptop quiz and we will find the best one for you to buy.