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Headphones Quiz


Answer the quiz to find the best headphones for your needs. We regularly update the quiz so we can recommend the latest and greatest headphones to you. We use your answers to tell you which wireless headphones you should buy.

Finding the best headphones for you.

There are thousands to choose from, and there are many good ones available, but with all the choice it can be hard to find them.

That's why we have created this comparison quiz, to help you find the perfect headphones for you. We have hand selected all the products in the quiz, and regularly check up on them and new products to keep the quiz current. Combining this with our price tracker and quiz algorithm we work out almost instantly which headphones are the best value for your money and specific requirements. 

Whether you are looking for wireless headphones, noise canceling headphones, or headphones that you can work out in, we have checked out the lot. Once you have answered our questions we will tell you which you should get.

Getting compatible headphones.

Good news, these days even products designed specifically for a particular device can often work of other products as well. For example Apple's airpods are designed for the iPhone, but it's not much harder to connect them to an Android. Microsoft's noise canceling headphones are marketed towards Surface products, but they connect like any other bluetooth headphones so are not exclusive to Microsoft products.

When looking at compatibility it is normally to do with smartphone compatibility. There are a few reasons for this, the first being that wired headphones with built in microphones and volume buttons have different ways of working for Android and iPhones, but this is becoming less of an issue with workarounds and it is not a problem at all with wireless headphones. The second thing is how wireless headphones connect to them, Android takes advantage of NFC (near field communication) allowing compatible headphones to connect with a tap of the phone. Apple however uses a "W1" chip to do a similar thing, but this only works for the few headphones that have it built in, and only connects this way to iPhones. As stated before though it is not that much of an issue as both smartphones and wireless headphones can connect directly using bluetooth connect settings.

Take the headphones quiz and we will work out which headphones are best suited to your needs. On the specially curated results page we will show you the best headphones for you and two runners up.