Coffee Hand Grinder Quiz

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Coffee Hand Grinder Quiz


Hand coffee grinders can be a great option for many different use cases, from using it as a travel coffee grinder to replacing an electric grinder for your espresso machine. With the varied use cases come a whole bunch of different features and build materials. We ask you questions on how you will be using the hand grinder to find the perfect one for your coffee needs.

Grinding On The Move

A key need for hand grinders is the want for good coffee while traveling. And the only way to truly be able to brew your own coffee well is to have a hand grinder. I personally like to buy coffee from local rosters in the area I am visiting. There are a few key features to consider when getting a grinder for traveling. The main features are the size and weight. The smaller and lighter you go the more you sacrifice on build quality and capacity. So it is important to consider the right balance to get one the is perfect for you. I travel with the Comandante C40 mk3, which is quite heavy, and a little bulky, however the cup quality it produces is well worth the weight and sacrifice of space in my bag.

A classic brew method for travellers is the AeroPress, and there are a few hand grinders that are designed to fit inside the plunger of the brewer.

Using A Hand Grinder For Espresso

Using a hand grinder for espresso might seem like an odd idea, however it is surprisingly good value for money. A fair amount of the costs in building an electric grinder are based around the motor and electric certifications. Therefore hand grinders can focus all of their effort into the grind mechanism and burr quality.

For espresso you will need some sharp and well designed burrs to grind efficiently and get a good pour. So only better grinders are able to achieve a good espresso grind, however the cost of these grinders are at least half the cost of an electric one. You just have to be happy to take the time grinding.

So what brands do we recommend?

There are many great brands out there and the ones we particularly like are in our quiz. From the high end ones like Comandante, Kinu, and Lido. To the midium to lower end like Knock, Timemore, Porlex, Hario, and Rhino. They span the range to cover all budgets. Take the quiz to see which hand grinder would be best for you.

With the amount of options available, and the lack of electronic components you can spend as little as you like on a hand grinder, so it can be hard to work out what is worth spending more on. When looking for a good grinder you want to look at burr material and quality, axil stability, and build quality. When building this quiz we have evaluated a load of hand grinders to find their individual defining features. We have only included the best available grinders at each price point, and we make sure to keep the quiz up to date by adding new products when they are released.

Take the hand grinder quiz to find out which one you should get.