Garmin Watch Quiz

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Garmin Watch Quiz


Garmin has a wide range of watches. With an emphasis on sports and fitness they range from step trackers and smartwatches to mountaineering watches. We have added all the available watches into our quiz, take the quiz and we will work out what the best Garmin watch is for you.

Types of Garmin watches

Before deciding on a Garmin wearable it is worth knowing what types of Garmin watches are available and what specifically each category offers.

Garmin's watches are split into a few devisions; Vivo, Forerunner, Fenix, Venu, Swim, and Instinct. There are also a few other types that Garmin offer that we have, for the time being not included in the quiz. These are the golf specific Approach, the Quatix, MARQ, D2, and Tactix. These are all specialist wearables and need to be focused on separately. We hope that the included models offer enough of a range to find one that suites your needs.

The Vivo range focuses more on general fitness tracking, recording your everyday movements and exercise. Some are a slim strap (vivosmart, vivosport, and vivofit), others have more smartwatch features (vivomove, and vivoactive). The focus on the Vivo range is fitness tracking.

Garmin’s Venu range are a relatively new addition. These watches, including the Venu and Venu sq, are Garmin’s smartwatch range. Focusing less on rugged build and more on style, these watches are designed to be worn all day. That’s not to say that they can’t be used for sport. They still pack many of the features that their more sporty counterparts offer.

The Garmin Swim 2 focusses, as the name suggests, on swimming. It’s also able to track other activities, but its main focus is on recording your swim activities.

The Forerunner watches focus far more on exercise, particularly running. While it can be worn as a fitness tracker they are designed to help people improve and develop their fitness.

If you are looking for an all-round, all-features watch, then it is worth considering the Fenix range. From sport to adventure it’s ready for everything. However, it is more expensive, but they are built with stronger materials and pack in more sensors and features. These watches balance smart features and activity tracking.

The Instinct watches are designed for adventure. Stripping away the smartwatch features in the Fenix, and adding a more rugged plastic body.

It might be that you have already decided on which type interests you, or you are stuck deciding between a few of them. I the quiz you can select which types you want to compare, or just select one to have a more focused quiz on that particular type.

Garmin’s Solar Power

Garmin is one of the leading innovators in the wearable category, and this is one of their flagship features. Originally brought out for only the highest end Fenix watch it has now trickled down to other sports watches. Solar watches are, as the name suggests, powered by solar power, well topped up at least. This offers an extra few days of power on top of what is normally a very decent battery life. This can be fantastic for activities that last several days, or for those on the road that don’t want to think about charging the device. However this premium feature comes at a higher cost for each device. Currently solar is offered to the latest Fenix watches, as well as the Instinct. It is an optional upgrade option, allowing you to save money if this feature is not as appealing as the discount.

Music Compatibility

Some watches offer in device music storage. But as with every smartwatch currently available there is limitations as to which music services the Garmin watches support. As well as supporting a wide range of music files that can be uploaded to the watch, they also support Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, and iHeartRadio. Just connect your bluetooth headphones to the watch and you can leave your phone behind.

Deciding which Garmin watch is best for you

Currently Garmin have over 30 wearables available. With many of them having the same or similar features, it can be hard to know which Garmin watch is best for you. Luckily that's where we come in. We have gone through all the types of watches, and regularly check for updates and new products. By asking the right questions, we are able to quickly work out which Garmin watch is best for you. Take the quiz to find out.