Garmin Forerunner Quiz

Take the quiz to find the Garmin Forerunner you should buy

Garmin Forerunner Quiz


We have looked at and analysed all of Garmin's Forerunner range. Using our algorithm we are able to quickly compare your answers to our database to find the best Forerunner watch for your needs.

Which Garmin Forerunner is best for me?

Garmin currently have twelve different Forerunner running watches available. These running watches have a few different features to match different needs. In this quiz we have compared them all so that we can recommend to you the best for your budget and needs. If you are looking for a watch for running then you may not need features that are better suited for triathletes. Similarly if you are a triathlete then you may not need features that are better for a ultramarathoner. So it is important you find the Forerunner watch with the perfect feature set for your individual needs.

As well as fitness and tracking features, smartwatch features have come to the Forerunner range, specifically wireless payments and music storage. We find out your everyday needs and match it to the ideal Forerunner watch.

Do you need the latest Garmin forerunner?

With new features and new products it’s difficult to work out if you should be spending more for the newest Garmin Forerunner. Some previous generation models will be as good for some people. So we have kept in some older models to make sure that you get the best bang for your buck.

Which Garmin Forerunner for other sports?

The Garmin Forerunner has been designed first and foremost with running in mind. However some of the models work well for swimmers and cyclists, and the higher-end Forerunners are specifically geared towards triathletes. So if you are doing anything from a morning swim to an IronMan some of the watches will be ideal. Some Forerunners are compatible with cadence and speed sensors for your bike. This sensor connects wirelessly to your bicycle to aid in your training. We have accounted for all the additional features so that if you do sports other than running you will still have the best Garmin watch for you.