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Garmin Fenix Quiz


We compare all the available Fenix watches with your answers to our multiple choice quiz to instantly find the best Fenix watch for your needs.

What Garmin Fenix watch is best for me?

Garmin have quite a few versions of the Fenix watch. The latest generation is the Garmin Fenix 6 and 6 Pro, as well as the upgraded Pro versions which have a solar panel built into the screen for extra battery life. Coming in 3 different sizes you have the smallest model labelled "S", the regular size which has no label, and the large models labelled "X".

The previous generations are the Fenix 5 and 5 Plus, which we have now removed from the quiz as we feel they no longer offer good value.

Garmin Fenix Sizes

All the Fenix series come in three different sizes. There is the regular sized Fenix, which is their normal size and fits the average sized male wrist well. The X model (as in the 5x Plus, 6x, 6x Pro) is a larger model, it will only really fit bigger wrists. The larger the watch the better the battery life. It will seem big on any wrist however the benefit of the extra battery life and the larger screen could be beneficial to some.

The 6s models are the smallest watches and suites a slimmer wrist. But its smaller size doesn’t mean it has compromised too much on features. The only specification that has changed with the smaller size is the battery life. With its smaller body, it simply can’t fit in the same size battery.

How does the Fenix quiz work?

We ask key questions to find out how you intend on using the Garmin Fenix watches. Using your answers we automatically find the best Fenix watch for your specific needs and budget. Take the quiz to find the best one for you.