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What Garmin Fenix watch is best for me?

Garmin have quite a few versions of the Fenix watch. The latest generation is the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus. Coming in 3 different models you have the 5 Plus, the 5s Plus, and the 5x Plus. The previous generation is the Fenix 5 with the three variants like the Fenix 5 Plus with out the Plus! There are also sapphire options for all the Fenix 5 watches.

Garmin Fenix Sizes

All the Fenix series come in three different sizes. There are the regular sized Fenix 5 and 5 Plus, which is their normal size and fits the average sized male wrist well. The X model (as in the 5x and the 5x Plus) is a larger model, it will only really fit bigger wrists. But the bigger size gives you a few more features depending on the model you get. The 5s and 5s Plus are the smallest models and suites a slimmer wrist. But its smaller size doesn’t mean it has compromised too much on features. The only specification that has changed in regard to the 5 and 5 Plus is the battery life. With its smaller size, it simply can’t fit in the same size battery.

New features in the Fenix 5 Plus

There are 4 key new features in the new range of Fenix watches. They are inbuilt maps, music storage, wireless payments, and a Pulse Ox Acclimation sensor. The Pulse Ox is only available in the 5x Plus, this new sensor shows how well you are acclimatising to altitude. This sensor uses a light next to the writs based heart rate monitor and measures the amount of oxygen in your blood. Wireless payments and inbuilt music allows you to use the Fenix Plus watches as a true smart watch. The inbuilt maps, which was only previously available in the 5x model is useful for those exploring new routs.

The sapphire versions of the Fenix watch

Most of the Fenix 5 and 5 Plus watches have a sapphire option. This is a stronger watch face / screen. It is less prone to scratches and breaking. However it comes at quite a price. Whether you need it is down to how likely you think you will be to scratch / damage the face. If it is unlikely then a cheap gadget insurance may be a better option.

How does the Fenix quiz work?

Answer the multiple choice questions and we will calculate which Garmin Fenix watch is best for you. We will look at your requirements in the watch and match it to the best Garmin that will best fit your needs.

The quiz is always kept up to date, so if any software updates or any new products come out we will add them to the quiz. And remove watches that are no longer in production.

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