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Gaming Laptop Quiz


Deciding on a gaming laptop is not just about the specs of the laptop, although that is a big part. You need to also consider aesthetics, do you want people to know you have a gaming laptop or would you prefer something a bit more subtle. New gaming laptops are being brought out by many reputable brands, with so many variations in style, specs, and features. We compare the latest and greatest gaming laptops to your answers to find out which gaming laptop you should buy.

Which gaming laptop should I buy?

Buying a gaming laptop is quite an investment. Possibly more so than buying a regular laptop. The specifications have to be better than your regular word processing computer.

But that doesn’t mean you will have to invest your life’s savings. Rather you have to compromise on different features to a regular windows pc. Rather than a touch screen laptop that is thinner than a pencil, a thick laptop with a dedicated GPU may be more preferable. Maybe even the ability to use VR.

Thats not to say that all gaming laptops are thick these days. Thick laptops and gaming laptops for a long time have gone hand in hand. But now you can buy slim gaming laptops, take the Razer laptop, as thin as a MacBook (retina model) but with better gaming specifications. The sacrifice for this sort of laptop are plenty. Mechanical keys (or just better keys) can not fit in a thin laptop. Heat dispersion is harder in a small laptop body, the thicker the better air flow. And you also have to compromise on internal specs as well. We have added in a mix of thick gaming laptops and more travel capable thinner gaming laptops.

Take the gaming laptop quiz to find out which one is best for you.

How do I find the best gaming laptop for me?

Our multiple choice quiz analyses your answers to our questions. It then instantly tells you which gaming laptop is best for your specific needs.

Some of the brands in our quiz include: Acer, Asus, Gigabyte, Alienware, MSI, Aorus, and Razer.

Once you have answered the quiz we will show you which gaming laptop is best for you.

We are constantly looking out for new gaming laptops, so if we find any better we will add it to the quiz. As well as this we regularly remove products. We do this either when something better comes out or the laptop becomes too old.