Games Console Quiz

Take the quiz to find out which games console is best for you.

Games Console Quiz


Comparing the best games consoles to your answers we will instantly tell you which games console you should buy.

Which games console should I buy?

This quiz will be able to tell what is the perfect console for you. Once it has been answered we will be able to tell you if you should have Playstation or a XBox, a handheld or a different console. We will do all the work to find what is best. We have looked at the main consoles on sale. We carefully put together the quiz so that you are only recommended what is best for you.

The consoles we have included are: Microsoft Xbox Series X and S, Sony PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Switch OLED, and Switch Lite as well as some retro / classic consoles. These are the best consoles, in our opinion, on the market. We will tell you which is the best for you once you have answered the quiz.

How does the games console finder work?

When you answer the quiz, our smart algorithm will calculate based on your answers what is best for you. Each question you answer helps us to narrow down precisely what your requirements are. Your answer leads us to to telling you what Console you should get.

Your games console you last you for years, keeping that in mind, we want you to get the latest consoles so that it lasts. Our quiz will only advise you to buy what we think is worth buying. That way you are not swamped with every product on the market.

Once you have answered the Gaming Console finder quiz, we will take you to the result page. Take the quiz to find out which games console you should buy.