Fitness Tracker Quiz

Take the quiz to find out which fitness tracker you should buy.

Fitness Tracker Quiz


We look at all the latest fitness trackers that we think are worth using, and compare them to your answers to find the best fitness tracker for you. Using our algorithm we calculate not only what fitness tracker is the most ideal for you, but what also offers the best value for money for your budget. 

Which fitness band should I buy?

Answering this finder quiz, will allow us to work out what smart tracker you should get. Whether it is for general fitness, sport or everyday tracking, we will work out which one is perfect for you. There are many fitness trackers available on the market, some good ones others that are not so good. We go through them all to remove the not so good trackers, so that you are only shown the best. We take into account the many factors that comprise a fitness tracker. These include heart rate tracking, waterproof, battery life, screen options, smart phone app features, and many other features.

We compare many Fitness Bands. Some of the brands that are included in this quiz:, FitBit, Garmin, Polar, Withings and Samsung. From sports and running trackers, to everyday walking pedometers and health trackers. We have added the best fitness wearables of all categories so that we can find the best for you. Once you have answered the comparison quiz we will be able to show you which fitness tracker you should get.

How does the fitness tracker finder work?

The questions we ask will ask enough for us to be able to know what is best for you. Using our algorithm, we are able to work out the perfect fitness tracker for your needs. Every question answered helps us to work out what your requirements are. Once you have answered the questions, we will be able to work out what is the perfect fitness band is for you.

Many new fitness bands are coming out. We work hard to keep the fitness tracker comparison quiz up-to-date. You will only be recommended the most modern fitness band on the market.

The fitness tracker quiz, once answered, will take you to the wearable that is ideal for you.