Espresso Machine Quiz

Take the quiz to find which home espresso machine is best for you

Espresso Machine Quiz


From automatic to completely manual, we have looked at the best available home espresso machines to find the best machines for you. Just take the quiz and we will compare your answers to the products in our database and instantly find which one is best for you.

Which espresso machine is best for me?

There are many different models of home espresso machines. All with the same basic aim: to make a great espresso. However all espresso machines have their own ways of doing it. Your budget can have a big difference on quality, but the more you spend the more marginal the gain. Quality of the drink largely depends on your own expertise as an at-home-barista. However there are now many good consumer level super-automatic espresso machines so even that doesn’t matter too much. Finding the best espresso machine can be tricky as there are many brands with multiple models, luckily for you, we can do all the thinking for you! No more being told by a sales person to buy the most expensive model out there.

We have compiled a list of what we think are the best espresso machines on the market. Brands that are included in this list are: Breville (known as Sage in the UK), Rancilio, De’Longhi, Dualit, Gaggia, and Krups. These espresso machine makers we believe offer a good well rounded list of all different budgets and requirements so that we will be able to find out which espresso machine you should buy.

Automatic or manual espresso machines, which is best?

Well this really depends on equipment you already have and your preferences between ease and quality. On the whole, if you have time, a good coffee grinder and some knowledge, then going as manual as possible would always be best. However it is vital to have a good coffee grinder to produce a quality espresso with a very manual machine.

The step down from a fully manual espresso machine is a pressurised filter for the espresso machine. This allows you to have not so accurate a grind of your coffee, or even pre-ground coffee. The pressurised filter creates the pressure rather than the coffee itself, therefore you will still get a good amount of coffee and crema.

Then you have fully automatic espresso machines, otherwise called super-automatic. These coffee makers, have a built in coffee bean grinder to give you a fresh grind of coffee. Sometimes they also have a milk container and do all the frothing of the milk for you, so if you are planning on making cappuccinos, lattes, or flat whites it will be simple. These espresso makers are the easiest to use, and make a better coffee than some, especially if you have little experience / interest in making a good espresso.

How does the espresso machine quiz work?

Once you have completed the short multiple choice quiz, we will analysis your answers and almost instantly give you a result. The espresso machine that we recommend to you will take into account all the answers you give to eliminate the less relevant products. On the results page you will see the product we think you should get. As well as an introduction video, review video and some specifications. We have also provided a link to see the most up to date prices and reviews.