Dyson Vacuum Quiz

Take the quiz to find the best Dyson vacuum for you

Dyson Vacuum Quiz


We compare all the available Dyson's vacuums to your answers to find the best one for you.

Dyson has long been known for innovation in their vacuums. From inventing the first bagless vacuum to pioneering the latest technology in small powerful motors. All this development has lead to quite a varied selection of available vacuum cleaners to choose from.

We have created this quiz to find out which Dyson is best for you. Just take the quiz and after you have answered a few questions we will instantly tell you which Dyson you should buy.

Styles of Dyson vacuums:

Dyson follows a similar line up to many brands of vacuums, but has variations to them.

In Dyson’s lineup stick vacuums are also their handheld models. This is because the conventional stick vacuum is quite under powered. But the Dyson handheld vacuums are powerful.

The upright models are similar in features to other brands of uprights. With a detachable hose and an array of attachments. There is not much missing in terms of features. The Dyson upright vacuums include their trademark ball. A big spherical ball used instead of wheels. The ball is designed to make it easy to manoeuvre around furniture.

The canister vacuums also include the big ball. Featuring self righting features and the benefit of not having to be pushed around, this could be a good option for some.

Dyson also make a robot vacuum, a powerful automated vacuum which will keep your floor dust free, but wont replace a regular vacuum.

Should you get a cordless Dyson vacuum?

Dyson’s handheld vacuums are cordless, and currently those are the only ones that are cordless.

Some consideration when selecting a cordless vacuum is how long the battery will last. The most up to date model, the V11, has 60 mins of power, but not on its most power hungry setting. Others, like the V7, have only around half an hour. So if you are planing on vacuuming a large house with it then look elsewhere. However for cleaning up small messes, and regular once over vacuuming, these devices will be great.

The convince of not having to plug the vacuum in and the manoeuvrability you get with that could be enough to get you to do small regular bouts of cleaning.

Do handheld vacuums have enough power?

With the development of the Dyson V11 there can be no doubt that it is possible to have enough power in such a small size. But this comes a quite the cost, you will be paying a regular vacuum price for it. Other handheld models like the V10, V8 and V7 are not as powerful, but they still do pack quite the punch at now quite a reasonable reduced price. But don’t expect to be cleaning a whole house with it.

Instead of a regular vacuum you could use the V11. But as it doesn’t have a changeable battery, you will have to do you cleaning in stages.

Which Dyson vacuums are best for pets?

Dyson distinguishes its pet featured range buy giving them the title Animal. These are often the same as regular models of vacuums, but with some additional attachments to better tackle hair. It is worth noting that these are for animals like cats and dogs that shed hair. If your pet doesn’t loose much hair then the other vacuums could be just as good.

The main attachment that is featured with the Dyson Animal range is a motorised head tool, that is designed to lift hair out of the carpet.

Best Dyson vacuum for allergies and asthma?

In the past bagless vacuums didn’t do so well at keeping all the micro dust in. But now they are far better, in fact most vacuums made by Dyson are now equipped with a HEPA filter, and catch dust as small as 0.3 microns.