Digital SLR Quiz

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Digital SLR Quiz


Whether you’re a beginner, enthusiast or pro photographer, choosing a DSLR camera isn’t easy. There are a myriad of features and choices – it’s easy to get lost on your hunt for a new camera. If you’re wondering “Which DSLR should I buy?”, this quiz is for you.

We compare your answers to the latest and best DSLR's of all budgets to find the best camera for you. Using our algorithm, price tracking, and expert opinions we will instantly find the best digital SLR to fit your needs.

Upgrading from your old DLSR?

We consider in our questions why you are looking to change cameras. There are many different reasons why you may be looking to switch cameras, why you are upgrading effects the camera recommendation we give to you.

You may well have a collection of camera lenses already. Don’t worry you can select the brand of camera you are interested in to ensure you get a camera with a lens-mount that will accommodate your existing lenses.

How does the DSLR finder work?

The DSLR quiz uses multiple-choice questions and takes a few minutes to answer. When you’ve completed the quiz we evaluate your answers and suggest the best DSLR for you.

The differences between all the various available cameras are so marginal it can be hard to tell which one will be best. Answer the simple multiple choice questions which ask all the essential things we need to know about you as a Digital SLR user. When you complete the quiz, your answers will isolate the most relevant DSLR for your requirements.

We’ve categorised hundreds of DSLR cameras in our index. Our quiz allows you to filter our index down to the most relevant choice according to the features you need.

We are constantly examining key features which distinguishes Digital SLR cameras from each other. The quiz will determine which features you’ll need, and recommend the single best match for you.