Dell Laptop Quiz

Take the quiz to find out which Dell laptop is best for you

Dell Laptop Quiz


In this quiz we have included all Dell's currently available Windows laptops. Once you have taken the quiz we use your answers and your given budget to quickly find the Dell laptop that best suites your needs.

While Dell do also make some Chromebook laptops, we think there are better available for the same price. So if you are looking for a Chromebook we suggest you take our Chromebook quiz and look at a different brand. We also have not included the Alienware brand, look for our gaming laptops quiz to have those laptops included in the quiz.

Dell Laptops

Of Dell's laptops we have focused on some specific categories. The main categories that Dell make are Inspiron, XPS and G series.

Dell Inspiron laptops not their sleekest range, but they are still fairly stylish. At a range of sizes, power, and prices, these laptops are aimed at the mass market, for those that are not spending extra on style and build quality. These laptops will handle everyday uses with ease. From Zoom meetings, taking notes, to watching movies.

Dell XPS laptops are their premium range. Sleek and stylish, with high end specs. These laptops are more expensive than the Inspiron range, but you get an upgrade to every aspect of the laptop.

Both the Inspiron and XPS have 2 in 1 models, allowing you to fold the laptop's keyboard to use it as a tablet, or in "tent" mode to watch films.

The G series is Dell's own brand gaming laptop range. Comparatively to most other gaming laptops the gaming branding is quite subtle. If you are a gamer, who also needs to use the laptop for work then this could be a good gaming laptop option.

Take the Dell laptop quiz to find the best one for you. Once you have answered our questions and given us your budget we will tell you which Dell laptop you should buy.