Cycle Computer Quiz

Take the quiz to find the best cycle computer for you

Cycle Computer Quiz


From road cycling, touring and commuting to cyclocross and mountain biking we have you covered. Find the most compatible bike computer for your individual needs. We use your answers to instantly find out which bike computer you should buy.

Finding The Best Cycle Computer

From road, to cyclocross, to mountain biking we have looked at all common disciplines of cycling and compared them to the best cycle computers on the market. Take the cycle computer quiz to find the best one for your needs.

Modern cycle computers have come a long way in the past few years. For years features like GPS was the feature for only the pros, now it is a standard option for most cyclists. Sensors inside the computer have expanded far beyond speed, to barometric altitude sensors and accelerometers. 

While there are a few cycle computers that are still wired, most have moved on to wireless sensors, allowing the device to connect to many sensors at once. Using either bluetooth or ANT+ connections you can connect anything from your speed and cadence sensors to a power meter. 

What are the best brands of bike computers?

When it comes to selecting a cycle computer there are a few particular brands to consider. In our quiz we have Garmin, Wahoo, Lezyne, Cateye, and Hammerhead. Each are particularly good for different uses. Cateye focus on the lower end market, recording rides and giving speed and other basic ride data. The others have more of a focus on navigation. Take the quiz and we will find the best cycle computer for you.

Cycle Navigation Computers

Navigation on cycle computers has almost become a given. If the computer has GPS, or can connect to your mobile’s GPS then it is likely that it will offer some form of navigation. There are a few styles of navigation that can be shown on GPS cycle computers. They include a full map with turn by turn navigation, others include just the turn by turn prompts, and then there is a cycle computer called Beeline with just offers a compass pointing towards your destination with a distance calculator. Which is best for you depends on your budget and needs in a cycle computer.

There are a few methods to setting up a rout, either by selecting a destination, or if you get a Garmin device you can select a distance you want to ride and it will recommend a route for you. Some devices also will adjust your route using past riders data to recommend better routs for cyclists.

There are many different features to choose from and you will find that many brands offer the same features with slight differences. We will ask you helpful questions to decide which GPS cycle computer will be best for your needs.

App Integration and Smart Notifications

Considering what applications you want to integrate the computer with is an important factor when deciding on your ideal cycle computer. There are so many applications available that it is a good idea to make sure your computer will connect with it. Many people use Strava, and most computers will sync with it. However there are so many more, we have included quite a few of them to select in the quiz, from training programs like Zwift and Sufferfest to ride recording like Today’s Plan and Ride with GPS.

For many computers you can also connect your phone to the computer so you can see notifications like texts, emails, and calls on your computer. Most computers are compatible with Android and Apple iOS, however some are not.

We have compiled an ever updating database of the best available cycle computers for all budgets and requirements. The quiz will take a few minutes to complete, but we hope you find it useful. Take our quiz to find the best cycle computer for your needs.