Take the quiz to find out which compact camera you should buy:

Compact Camera Quiz


There are many great compact digital cameras, to find the perfect one for you can be hard. Once you have answered the quiz we instantly analyze your answers to find the best compact camera for you.

Which compact camera is best for me?

Whatever your budget, whatever your requirements finding the right compact camera is hard. Cameras have progressed,  you can no longer look at the megapixel count to find the camera you want. Now if you want the best for you, you need to look at many different features. If you’re wondering “Which compact camera should I buy?”, this quiz is for you.

The compact camera quiz has a few multiple choice  questions. Once you’ve completed the quiz (it should only take a minute or so). Our algorithm will suggest the best possible camera  for your needs.

From the most simple point-and-shoot cameras to the more complex compact digital cameras, we have looked at the lot. Even if you are wanting to delve deep into the manual settings, we have quite a few cameras in our database for that requirement.

Going white water rafting? No problem, there are plenty of waterproof and drop proof cameras on the market, so we’ve included the best.

If you are looking to give a camera as a gift, just answer the questions as if you were that person! Don’t worry there are no difficult questions.

So how does the digital camera quiz work?

We analyze your answers, and almost instantly are able to work out exactly what camera you should buy. With our compact camera quiz, you don’t need to know any technical specifications. We work out the technical stuff by asking you easy to answer, multiple choice questions. Upon completion of the quiz we will have narrowed down the answers you give so that we can recommend you just one perfect digital camera for you.

We’ve categorised hundreds of compact digital cameras in our index. Answering the quiz filters the index down to the most relevant choice according to the features you need. For example, if you are just starting photography, you might be better off with a compact camera with easy to use settings while allowing you to learn new settings. Our quiz will recommend cameras which are optimised for this skill-level. If you’re an enthusiast, you might want to dabble with more advanced features, so we’ve got questions for that too.

We’ve spent hours examining the key features of all compact cameras to establish what makes them distinguishable from each other, so if you’re not sure whether you want to pay more for a better zoom or focus more on the lens quality, our quiz will determine which features you’ll need most, and recommend the single best match we can find based on your budget.