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Chromebook Quiz


We compare the latest Chromebooks to your answers to find out which Chromebook is best for you.

Which Chromebook laptop should I buy?

Chromebooks are becoming evermore popular, particularly in schools. They are also great for traveling. The software is by Google and the hardware made by third parties.

Applications built for Android are now available on Chromebooks. This gives a compelling reason to buy one as it now has far more applications available.

As there are so many on the market, it is hard to work out which one is perfect for you. The comparison quiz will use the answers to your questions to work out the best Chromebook for you. We find out how big a screen you need, as well as processing power, battery life, and portability to find which one you should get.

Many companies are now making Chromebooks. including HP, Dell, Samsung, Acer, Lenovo, Asus, and Toshiba. We have gone through them all for you! Each question we ask will allow us to narrow down exactly what you need and want. Not all available laptops are in our database as there are so many and only a handful are worth buying.

How does the Chromebook comparison quiz work?

Our algorithm coupled with an easy to answer quiz allows us to find what the best Chromebook is for you. Answering nontechnical a questions will allow us to recommend the best Chromebook for your needs. Chromebooks are still an expanding market and as such companies are often bringing out new products. This quiz is regularly updated. Each time new models come out it will be assessed. If it is good it will add it to the comparison quiz.

The Chromebook finder quiz, once answered, will take you to the Chromebook that will best suit you. The result page will also include specifications, a video review and a link to see reviews.