Canon Lens Quiz

Take the Canon lens quiz to find the best lens for your needs

Canon Lens Quiz


In this quiz are all the available Canon made camera lenses. We take your answers and combine them with our algorithms along with some price tracking magic to find the best lens to suit your needs.

We are looking at adding other Canon compatible camera lenses, however for the time being we only show you Canon made lenses.

Below we have detailed some factors we consider when making recommendations.

Specific Canon Camera Compatibility

An important focus for us when asking you questions is to ensure that you are recommended a lens that will work with your particular Canon camera. While there are a range of options they can be worked out quite simply. 

If you have a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) it is important to know if you have a full frame sensor or a cropped sensor. Full frame DSLRs fit the EF range of lenses, while the copped sensors are better suited to the EF-S range of lenses although they can also use the EF range of lenses although being a smaller sensor the image will be more zoomed in that the lens. If you ever are considering upgrading to a full frame camera it is worth considering an EF lens as you will not have to replace your lens collection with the change of body.

If you have a mirrorless camera there are two distinct categories, the full frame range (EOS R) and the smaller cropped sensor range (EOS M). The EOS R camera bodies are compatible with Canon's latest lenses the RF range, they are also compatible with the EF lens range with an adaptor. The EOS M range are only compatible with the EF-M range lenses.

Prime or Zoom Canon Lens

A zoom lens no only allows you to get closer to a subject but also change how an image with a background and forground subject looks. However a Prime lens has the advantage of providing a sharper shot. Prime lenses are often faster to focus, and have a better build quality given the reduced movable compenents. 

Do I Need An "L" Lens?

L lens are Canon's high end range of lenses, they are waterproof and have a higher build quality from movable parts to lens quality. We will use your budget, ability, and use cases to help decide if you really need to spend extra on an L range lens.

By asking you questions on specific use cases and your personal needs we can find out what lens will best suite your needs.

Take the Canon lens quiz to find out which lens is best for you.