Canon Camera Quiz

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Canon Camera Quiz


Canon make a large range of cameras, from beginner compact cameras, all the way to large professional cameras. So whether you are a beginner looking to take better photos, an amateur wanting to buy their first prosumer camera, a professional looking for an upgrade, or anything in between, we have asked the right questions to find what Canon camera will best suite your needs.

Canon is shifting its camera lignup from traditional DSLRs to mirrorless cameras across its range. From more compact affordable cameras for photography beginners to professional-grade mirrorless models for seasoned experts, Canon's evolving line caters to every level of skill and interest

The questions we ask allow you to steer the quiz towards the cameras you are interested in, but if you have no idea whatsoever we are still able to help you just as well. If you know what type of camera you want then say so and we make sure you are recommended the perfect camera for your wants and needs.

Take the quiz to find out which Canon camera you should buy.

So you have elected to buy a camera made by Canon over all the other camera brands. Maybe you are switching over from a competitor like Nikon or Sony, or perhaps this is your first ever camera. Either way having decided to get a Canon camera is a good first step to finding your perfect camera.

Choosing what brand to go with is very important, particularly if you go for a camera with interchangeable lenses. This is because lenses are brand specific, and are the key part to your kit that you are likely to keep longer than the camera body. We think that Canon is a good choice to go for, when deciding you need to consider the brands reputation on build quality, as well as the future production of new cameras and lenses. Canon has been around for over 80 years, and has a great reputation for quality, a reputation that has transitioned over to the digital era perfectly.

If you are not looking for a camera with interchangeable lenses then this is less of a consideration. You are not getting locked into the manufacture’s ecosystem.

If you are yet to decide on the type of camera you are interested in, this is not a problem. We ask you questions that are less about specific specifications and more focused on how you will be using the camera to establish exactly what you need. Combining this with your budget we will work out your perfect Canon camera.

Upgrading your Canon camera? This comes with some key considerations. Canon's transition to mirrorless technology has reshaped their lens offerings, making compatibility a vital aspect to consider. Let’s look at a few considerations to make when upgrading your Canon camera.

The key one is compatibility, more specifically lens compatibility. If you are upgrading from a compact / bridge camera then this is not relevant. However if your current Canon camera has interchangeable lenses then you are going to want to make sure you are changing to a compatible camera body.

There are four different lens types that work with Canon’s range of cameras.

These are EF, EF-S, EF-M, RF and RF-S lenses. EF lenses are canons core line of lenses for their DSLRs. EF-S lenses are for Canon’s smaller sensor DSLR’s, these smaller DSLR’s can also use Canon’s EF lenses. The EF-M lenses are for Canon’s (now discontinued) M range mirrorless cameras, these lenses are only compatible with Canon’s EOS M range, however as these cameras are no longer sold you should consider investing in new lenses when upgrading. Canon’s newest range, the RF and RF-S lenses are specifically designed for their full frame and APS-C respectively mirrorless cameras, the EOS R range. Both the EOS M and EOS R range of cameras are able to use adaptors to be compatible with Canon’s EF and EF-S lenses.

So if you are moving away from the EOS M range and you have EF-M lenses then you are going to have to buy new lenses. If you are switching to full frame mirrorless (EOS R) from a Canon DSLR, then you can get an adapter to allow you to continue to use your current lens set.

We understand that changing camera can be quite daunting, but don’t worry, we are here to help. Just go through the steps in the quiz and we will help you in making these decisions.

It will only take you a few minutes to take the Canon quiz, from your answers we automatically process them and almost instantly can find the best Canon camera for you.

Take the quiz and we will find the Canon camera you should buy.