Camera Quiz

Take the quiz to find out which camera is best for you

Camera Quiz


Cameras is a broad product category, but don’t worry, we have broken the quiz down into sections to filter you through to the types of camera you are interested in. First we will find out what type of camera you want, a DSLR, mirrorless, or compact camera. But don’t worry we can work this out for you. Then we find out your level of photography expertise, the sort of photography you will be doing, the requirements you have in a camera. Once we know your needs in a camera we then find you cameras within your budget. Take the quiz to find out which camera suites your needs.

Key types of digital cameras

There are 4 main categories that digital cameras can be categorised as. DSLR, mirrorless, bridge, and compact. We have quizzes for each of these, but by taking this quiz we can navigate you to the right quiz anyway. But don’t worry, we can work out which type of camera is best for you if you are not sure.

We look at all levels of digital camera to match your expertise

Looking to get your first camera? Turning pro and need an upgrade? In our quiz we have cameras suitable to all skill levels.

What you will be photographing effects your camera choice

When deciding on a new camera you should consider what you will be photographing. From snapshots of family events, to professional sports photography there are so many types of cameras for so many different people.

By establishing your skill level, and then knowing what you will be using it for we are able to whittle down our camera list to find cameras to suite your specific needs.