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Bissell Vacuum Quiz


Using your answers we compare them to all the available Bissell vacuums to find the best vacuums for you.

Bissell has long been making vacuums and have built up quite the reputation for value for money vacuums. But don’t take that to mean they have sacrificed quality. Their vacuums vary from models that take on the high end to ones that are designed to just get the job done with no frills. They also have quite the specialisation in pet vacuums, even their models not designed for pets often have good pet hair features.

Styles of Bissell vacuums:

Bissell make all the classic styles of vacuums. Canister (drag behind), Upright (push in front), HandHeld (hold in the air), and Robot (operate by themselves).

But that is the basic style. Within these categories Bissell have particular features for certain models.

Are cordless Bissell vacuums worth it?

There are quite a few cordless vacuums made by Bissell, but the vast majority they make are corded. This is because there are quite a few disadvantages to cordless vacuums. The main, and most obvious, reason is that you are limited in vacuum time. The amount of run time you get depends on vacuum power and battery size, so it is often quite the sacrifice. For Bissell vacuums they only offer a few wireless models, and they are mainly designed for small uses. From vacuuming the car to cleaning up a small mess. For Bissell, unless you need the manoeuvrability benefit that wireless gets you, it would be best to get a corded vacuum.

Which Bissell vacuums are best for pets?

Bissell specialise themselves in vacuuming pet hair. Part of their promotion in you buying one of their vacuums is that they donate money to pet shelters and animal rescues.

They have produced a few features that make the vacuums ideal for pet owners. The rotating head digs up hair. The “Cyclonic Pet Hair Spooling System” collects the hair and spins it into a clump so that it falls out of the canister bin easily. As well as this in some models they have teamed up with Fabreze to give a fresh sent and remove pet odours.

Best Bissell vacuum for asthma and allergies?

Bissell offer some vacuums that are bagged. In the past these have been the best for capturing all the dust as bagless used to leak more dust. But these days the bagless have caught up. However there are still advantages to bagged if you are trying to avoid the dust. The main one being avoiding dust when emptying the vacuum. Bissell offers a range of both bagged and bagless vacuums that are able to capture dirt down to a very small size.