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ASUS Laptop Quiz


The ASUS laptop quiz is a whittled down version of the full laptop quiz. This quiz will allow you to find out which ASUS laptop is best for you. You have likely come to this quiz because you have already decided you want an ASUS laptop, but if you are not sure we suggest you take our full Laptop Quiz.

Which ASUS Laptop Is Best For Me?

ASUS have many laptops on the market, they cover many different use cases and budgets. We think the easiest way to find out which ASUS laptop suites you is to take the quiz. We will use your answers to find out how you will be using the laptop, as well as your budget to find the best ASUS laptop for you.

Understanding the ASUS Laptop Range

ASUS's laptop range are split in to work and home, although there is quite a bit of crossover. Most people end up using their laptop for both work / study and home uses so it makes sense that most of their range crosses over.

Let’s take a look at the range.

ASUS make both Windows laptops and Chrome laptops. The laptops with Chrome OS are designed for people who want to use a laptop for a few basic uses, from editing documents to web browsing and social media. These devices are often focused at students. The laptops are cloud based and low powered, and make a good all day laptop for studying. The come in a range of prices, and with a higher price comes more advanced features, from a touch screen, to build quality, more power, and even a convertible mode, to use the laptop as a tablet.

The rest of ASUS's range are Windows OS based.

The ZenBook, VivoBook, and everyday L Laptops are ASUS's core range of laptops. The VivoBook are a balance between power and portability, not compromising too much on one for the other. The ZenBook however are more focused on sleek style, and powerful processors, these laptops are normally more expensive. The L laptops are ASUS's most affordable laptops.

Laptops that are titled Flip, are convertible laptops where the keyboard folds back and can be used as a tablet or in "tent" mode, where you can do things like watch movies and present a slideshow.

Knowing which best suites you can be tricky, knowing how you will use it and your budget will allow us to work this out for you.

Take the ASUS laptop quiz to find the best laptop for your needs.