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Apple Watch Quiz


Apple have been the king of smartwatches ever since their initial launch of the Series 1. While this watch was missing many of the features we now know to be vital to a useful smartwatch, it still proved popular. Thanks, in part, to an iconic design that has hardly changed over the next 7 iterations. Apple currently have a good range of Apple Watches available at different price ranges. We have put together this quiz to help you decide on which Apple Watch best suites you.

Available Apple Watches

Over the past few years the Apple Watch lineup has been quite simple. Every year a new watch comes out and gets the title "series" and number of iterations. The older models would get a discount, and some would be discontinued. Now however, Apple have brought in the Apple Watch SE. SE in the iPhone models is the "budget" stripped back option, and this is the case in the Apple Watch as well. The SE has many of the same features as the Series 7, but is missing a few key advanced features, also it has a slower processor. But at a lower cost this may well be the ideal option. Apple are still selling the Series 3, as a super budget option with an older screen, slower processor, and last generation sensors. With these downgrades comes a good discount, so again is worth consideration for those users on a tight budget and not looking for too many advanced features.

In our quiz we take all the features into consideration to find the best Apple Watch for you.

Gamification Of Fitness

Apple are not the first to the fitness tracking game. But they are one of the first to make fitness a game, and do it well. By setting goals and encouraging completion of these goals by closing rings it promotes a motivation to keep active. This can be a great benefit when considering an Apple Watch over a more fitness focused watch like Garmin's and FitBit's offerings.

Advanced Health Features

Apple have been furthering the advancement in sensors for some time now. And this can be clearly seen by the step up that each Apple Watch takes each year. The latest features that are in the Series 7 are an electrocardiogram (ECG), and can also measure you blood oxygen levels. For those who may need to see more of the health features or just want to keep an eye on your health these features give you a level of insight not possible before on a smartwatch.

We have barely touched on all the available features in the Apple Watches, from fall detection, to swim tracking, there are many features that could be specifically useful to you. In this quiz we try to find out how best you will be using the Watch to help you to find the best Apple Watch for your needs. Take the quiz to find which one is for you.